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I love music and you're always welcome to suggest a new band for me to listen to. I'm Devin. I'm 14 years old but I'm not your average teenager. I'm the weirdest person you'll ever meet in you life, take it or leave it. I'm one of those people that make a huge idiot of themselves and doesn't even care. I love anything vintage or retro, it fascinates me. I'm a night owl, it seems as if I don't sleep at all at times. I'm a nerd's worst nightmare, THE MEGA NERD. Music is my passion, there's nothing quite like the feeling I get from it and nothing could ever replace it for me. I adore photography because you can go wherever you wanna go or see whatever you wanna see. I love writing, especially songs and poems. I can never be serious... if I can't have fun then what is life? I'm a very optimistic person, a little too much for my own good. I'm a hopeless-romantic but I've been heart-broken one too many times before. I'm easily-distracted and forget... wait what was I saying? I don't bite... hard. Yes, I know I talk too much.

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