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  • harry rafli eLLen said:
    hey how are you? i´m just sharing about our music,i hope you´ll like it! please check it out! http://www.purevolume.com/peacesoffebruary. please klik become a fan to support we.. thanks to support guyss(^_^) Jun 01
  • Liz Sparks said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo "Music made with the heart and not with the hands" Apr 09
  • SarahSanity said:
    its okay xP i dont get on here so much anymore either.lol.but ive been pretty decent. Cx what bout you? and thankyou x3 Apr 04
  • SarahSanity said:
    hewwo x] its been awhileeee Dec 13
  • Underground Punk said:
    Hey! If you dig the underground music scene check out my website at www.theundergroundpunk.blogspot.com You'll find album reviews, band interviews, and more! Check it out and tell me what you think! Oct 08
  • i AM the "In Crowd" said:
    nuthin, just got t workkk, im sleepy as hell, tho?! Jul 19
  • i AM the "In Crowd" said:
    hey cat, wassup? Jul 16
  • Betsy Mas said:
    hi my name is Betsy! I saw you liked Beyonce. i would love it if you would check out my cover of Sweet Dreams. check it out here on youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/betsyannmusic#p/u/0/ACkCG8Waxs4 ) or its up on my purevolume page ( http://www.purevolume.com/BetsyAnnMusic ). if you like it you can also download it for free! :) & let me know what you think. :) you can also follow me on twitter.com/betsyannmas i would love to hear from you. Jul 10
  • omgitsjeyk said:
    what job are you up to? :) im great May 16
  • omgitsjeyk said:
    .dug how are you? May 06


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"""Hahaha, little did you know. I hacked you. lol. actually you were still logged in here on the laptop, and I just thought I'd write this. I miss you just so you know. and you should come back to Maryland, because not only do I want you to come back but so does everyone else, including Cripple, Steven[aye steven!], Scary Guy, Asian Feminine, Sydney, and a million other people I could name. So. pack your bags and come back. or else. . .just kidding. but not really. but really. I love you! -Haleigh""" PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE BAR MOTHER FUCKER! HELL o my name is catlin. not caitlin. say CAT. now say LIN. you can just call me CAT if you want. or KIT KAT. or COPYCAT. or MARCY. or DRUGGIE. i have many names. catlin ----- is speaking in 3rd person ----- is shy X 54138613. but is getting a bit better at being less shy. ----- would do ANYTHING for her favorite people. ----- and her bff have so many inside jokes that no one ever knows what they're talking about ----- is a lisenced cosmetologist. but she doesnt want to work in this industry forever, so she's thinking of what she'd want to do next. ----- is only allowed on the computer for 30 minutes every other day (unless her mom & "stepdad" aren't home) ----- hates her "stepdad" ----- has a son named Kittles ----- messes up every computer she goes near ----- is under a curse so that she breaks every pair of headphones she's ever owned ----- thinks tinted windows are the devil (cuz then she can't wave at random people) ----- randomly speaks spanish all the time ----- is addicted to music ----- is obviously very bored right now ----- is a ninja ----- is in love. ----- INGLIP HAS BEEN SUMMONED ----- will add you on myspace, twitter, facebook, vampirefreaks, or last.fm (but only if your supersuper amazing) ----- is happy. ----- made a purevolume account during her junior year of highschool because myspace was blocked at her school and she needed something to do during study hall.

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