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Fall Out Boy Pro

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Mat Musto Pro

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A Summer Scene

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Owl City (sweet version) free download

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Washington D.C., DC

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Panic! At The Disco Pro

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Las Vegas, NV

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  • General: new playlist =D !!!!

    welll heres my new playlist i picked songs that reminded me of me and bf but instead of naming it afta us i named it afta my bunnies=)....flapjack my big black boi bunn…

    Nov 29, 2010



hey obviously my name is natalia not natalie...i get that alot -.-. hmm? wat is there to say about me. well i love all types of music except country xP ewwwww so gross. i also love animals i hav to 2 bunnies a black and gray one there bf/gf. My bff is angee u might know her, i love in brentwood and ima senior yay!!!!...but its hard work =___=. my fav color is green cuz it relaxes me and i looks gud in it =) then purple cuz its just awsome. i like playing my guitar even though i havent done it in a while O.o and i love we the kings hollywood undead and paramore. i dont do alot in skool i gotta radio show if that kool i guess and i like reading and trying to draw even though i suxzzz x). my zodiac iza cancer so ima mammi type of person even though my mammi is a crazy taurist o.o...iz that how u spell taurist?...wateva its a cow xD. well any who u can hit me up on fb and we can like chill and be kool and stuff =)...new chapter in life time to start changing for the bettah...idc boutz anything nowzzzz xP

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