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Scotty Vanity

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Fall Out Boy Pro

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Chicago, IL

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Hurry! Lets Go

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Norwood Young America, MN

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November Blessing

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Hollywood, CA

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Love Is a Story

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Los Angeles, CA

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    no problem :) Oct 06
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  • Chilligrr said:
    hi! you okay? =] You like Electronica/Screamo/HipHop? So ... Listen Social Faker! *=* http://www.purevolume.com/socialfaker Sep 18
  • A Profound Hatred of Man said:
    Anytime :) what's up? Aug 29
  • Sweet Cake said:
    Hi, Ola! Listen BIGGEST LIE http://www.purevolume.com/biggestlie GREAT BAND FROM BRASIL - BUENA BANDA DE BRASIL - PLEASE ADD IN FAVORITOS - POR FAVOR ADD em seus favoritos - Kisses from Brasilllll Jul 08
  • mary said:
    you are very welcome! :) Jul 05
  • i'm nick said:
    nope lol just this and msn Jul 05
  • i'm nick said:
    cool cool, i've been playing for about 7 years but i learned my first song when i was 3 haha :P Jul 05
  • Sweet Cake said:
    Hey guyz check this :) HardCore/Alternative group from Brazil http://www.purevolume.com/BiggestLie :) Escute Biggest Lie - HardCore/Alternativo http://www.myspace.com/biggestlierockers :) thankssssssss Jul 02
  • i'm nick said:
    how love have you been playing for? Jun 23


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  • General: My Haiirrrrrr

    o btw betches i cut mi hair. ill get new pics soon considering the ones i have are accient :]

    Jun 18, 2009

  • General: i Miss....

    I Miss: -When i did something wrong and my mom would just say 'o she didnt know better' -When we didnt worry about what we looked like when we went out in public, bec…

    Jun 18, 2009

  • General: And This Is All Because i Kissed Your Boyfriend

    Im So sorry but i find it hard to believe that you mean all the words your screaming at me   i remember a few things we've done that could of prevoked this all a…

    Jun 18, 2009



My name is Mia im 14 and i guess this is where i tell u about me :D (hold on to your hobos people this is gonna be a long one) Likes: Sparkle Crayons hello kitty scene hair the colors purple and blue dinosaurs (they arnt extinct theyre just hiding....frum u) being weird o.O talking to people playing mi guitar yelling ribbons hair clips clothes hangers convers/hightops neon stuffs monkeys llamas glue geeks red velevet cupcakes with white icing and a rainbow candle Dislikes: ANYTHING FROM DISNEY CHANNEL pop music x_x barney yellow snow annoying people miserable people people who yell at meh bad hair days when its dark and u cant find the light switch jonas brothers *stabs them with spork* doing the dishes making my bed History class preps when i pour the cereal then go to the fridge to find that we're out of milk -.- hiphop/rap music i have a twitter/mysapce/aim ask for them :] that is all Bye for now :] 80 Things You Might Not Know About Me Whats your middle name?reina How big is your bed?not big What are you listening to right now?Devotion and desire by bayside What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number?i dont has a cell phone D: What was the last thing you ate?a cookie Last person you hugged?my mommeh How is the weather right now?sunny Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?alex What is the first thing u notice in the opposite sex?eye color Favorite type of Food.the tasty kind xD Do you want children?maybe Do you drink?a little Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night?no haha Hair color?brown Eye colour?black ish but it appears blue in certain light o.O Do you wear contacts/glasses?glasses Favorite holiday?4th of july Favorite Season?summer Have you ever cried over a girl/boy?no Last Movie you Watched?love guru What books are you reading?breaking dawn Piercings?ears Favorite Movie?wall-e Favorite college football Team?mmmm i dont watch football What were you doing before filling this out?sleeping Any pets?2 cats Dogs or cats?both haha Favorite Flower?sunflower there HUGE Have you ever loved someone?no Who would you like to see right now?logan ._. Have you ever fired a gun?no Do you like to travel by plane?im not sure Right-handed or Left-handed?both haha If you could go to any place right now where would you go?california Are you missing someone?yes Do you have a tattoo?no Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?yes hehe Are you hiding something from someone?no ARE YOU 18?YES CAPS?!?!? WHAT IS THE WALLPAPER ON YOUR CELLPHONE?I DONT HAVE A PHONE GET IT RIGHT DID YOU GET ENOUGH SLEEP LAST NIGHT?NO FIRST THING YOU THOUGHT ABOUT THIS MORNING?I HAVE TO PEE! WHAT DO YOU HAVE HANDY AT YOUR BEDSIDE?PAPER GRILLED OR FRIED?FRIED WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE?IM NOT SURE BUT SOMETHING DOES... MY BOOBS R HUGE FOR MY AGE! ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?NO FAVORITE HANGOUT?MY BEDROOM ... IM A LOSER 3 THINGS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT?MUSIC, AIR, AND MY LAPTOP FAVORITE SONG?FREAXXX - BROKENCYD WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?LIGHYNING ARE YOU A GIVER OR TAKER?HONESTLY TAKER Xd WHAT ARE YOUR NICKNAMES?MIMI WHAT IS YOUR DADS MIDDLE NAME?I FORGET ... IT STARTS WITH AN M WHATS YOUR MOTHERS MIDDLE NAME?SAME AS MINE REINA STUCK ON A DESERTED ISLAND & COULD TAKE ONE THING?CELL PHONE... O WAIT I DONT HAVE ONE FAVORITE T.V. COMMERCIAL?MMM IM NOT SURE WHO'S YOUR CELL PHONE PROVIDER?I. DONT. HAVE. A. CELL. PHONE. STOP RUBBING IT IN FIRST THING YOU'LL SAVE IN A FIRE?FRIDGE XD Whats your favorite color?neon green or electric blue... what no caps now WHAT ARE THE THINGS YOU ALWAYS TAKE WITH YOU?CAPS AGAIN IPOD, CLOTHES WHAT DID YOU WANNA BE WHEN YOU WERE A KID?A PRINCESS WHAT DO YOU USUALLY DO WHEN THE CLOCK TURNS 11:11?AM OR PM? THE COLOR OF YOUR BEDSHEEt?BLUe WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT BEFORE YOU GO TO BED?PEOPLE Take this survey | Find more surveys yeah i love doing myspace surveys also haha ^

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