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Location: Barnesville, GA


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Boston, MA

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Comments (18)

  • Liz Sparks said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo "Music made with the heart and not with the hands" May 04
  • Deadman_Living said:
    ah The Ghost Inside is intense!! Aug 18
  • Jon Stoddard said:
    Hey Heather! my name is Jon from Crash Coordinates, we play with a lot of the bands you listen to! so pretty please check out our songs... if you have the guts :D. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised. leave a message or comment and let us know what you think :) Aug 06
  • Seanowhat said:
    Hey Hey Hey as Fat Albert would say! It would be stupendous if you checked out and fanned purevolume.com/livingmylastday ! We got a bunch of free downloads, and we'd love to become friends! Hope your summer and everything is going well! ~Peace and love~ Jun 22
  • ^_^CaTcHaOs^_^ said:
    my dad deleted them :( Jun 03
  • jessicaaa ♥ said:
    haha :) my list of bands could go on forever tbh, there's so many songs that just bring back good memories and make me feel happy :D buttt .. my favourite band has to be you me at six or fall out boy. i'm into loads of different music .. i love mumford & sons (if you haven't listened to them then DO IT NOW! 'cause it's not my usual type of music but omgeee they're friggin' amazing!) and lots of other acoustic stuff like nevershoutnever and newton faulkner. i also love heavy stuff and screamo etc like asking alexandria (seeing them in december YHUSS!) and architects, miss may i, we are the ocean etc. i love pop punk like a day to remember (i listen to the everydayyyy and saw them in march and went nuts haha .. but i lost my shoes again haha) paramore and nirvana .. umm .. i love enter shikari too. i know you live in america but i really hope you've heard them .. they are EPIC live :D i've kind of rambled on for ages now with bands haha, sorryy :) what are your favourite bands and stuff? x Jun 01
  • jessicaaa ♥ said:
    hey, thanks for accepting :) i saw that we like the same music and thought i'd add you :D hope you don't mind? you look mega pretty in your photo btw :) x May 30
  • Luke The Duke said:
    Hey take a listen to my band www.purevolume.com/awakingmercury tell me what you think. We have a cd coming out this summer. May 24
  • ☼Brandon☼ said:
    AWESOME!!1 i use to live in Columbus,GA i've got 2 1/2 weeks till i graduate. ahh im so excited. May 20
  • ☼Brandon☼ said:
    that sounds like fun. hey i used to live in GA. i got 4 hours of sleep. but other than that my day's alright. when do you get outta school?? May 20


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my name's heather and i'm not the easiest person to get along with. prob. because i want everything my way and i pretty much dismiss anyone else's way. i'm a nice person to talk to so don't get me wrong. i've had my heartbroken too many times. i was young/stupid/dumb/naive.. basically any negative word. i fell for old tricks and it'll never happen again. i've learned to stop lookin' for love; it'll find me when it gets ready. i have trust issues. there's only a certain few who have my trust. i just recently became religious to my tumblr. take a peek. i love music and i listen to a lil' bit of everything. going to shows is my escape from the hellhole of a town that i live in. there's nothing like standing in a crowded room and feeling like you're the only person alive in the whole world. i capture memories and save them for later when i feel like i have nothing/nobody left to go to. they keep me occupied and strong. i guess you could say i'm a pretty complicated person and you'll never figure me out. don't even try. *I hardly have any photos on here. All my pictures are on my myspace. add me here: myspace.com/heather_briana (=

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