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  • General: My bf!!!!!!

    My boyfriend rocks and i love him lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apr 29, 2006



hi im samie i like rock/emo/screamo/alt rock/metal/punk im not preppy and im not goth im in between i guess...My friends say i look emo but i dont act like it but they still love me hehe...I like hanging out with my friends and boyfriend and talking on the phone especially txt messanging haha..My boyfriend is the best i love him alot alot alot and were ganna get married hehe yup hes ganna be a pro skateboarder and ima be a model yup..:) i love going to concerts and listeing to music..Im always on the phone and always with my buddies!!! i was recently suspended from school cause me and my bf were caught kissing in the hallway at my catholic school hehehehe yup were in love!!!!! ima bitch sometimes but you gotta love me :) My best friend lauren is the loudest /funnyiest gurl ever and the coolest but shes a bit slow but i still freakin love her!!! My other best friend MARITA rocks shes the coolest ever and were ganna rule the world one day!! all my friends rock cause there my friends duhh!! haha jk so yea i love the color purple and me and my bf are ganna be famous soon so HA!!!!!!!! Love always samie!!! aka samantha!! :}

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