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  • markdoubleday said:
    I%u2019ve got some new stuff up, so if you%u2019ve got the time.. check it out and lemme know. take care. www.purevolume.com/markdoubleday Mar 23
  • lukewarmsteak said:
    work < play.... they just don\'t equate mathematically... Mar 04
  • lukewarmsteak said:
    hey... you\'re awesome... i\'m glad you liked it... i hope to talk to you later... (seeing as how i\'m at work...) Feb 26
  • lukewarmsteak said:
    Hey Check out Our two songs on Purevolume You are Guaranteed to love our Music Please add us to your favorites list \"If music is our identity, How do we Look?\" ~Jordan Embury p.s. you\'re not a whore... really... you\'re just cute... Feb 25
  • Resolutions_Of_Adam said:
    i managed to think of a way to get people the songs. we cant sell them out to different countries cause its very difficult. but we will be doing a week promotion and we will offer them for download from next monday to sun. so u can get the 4 on there from monday to friday and the 3 other songs from sat - sun. but as of the monday after you wont be able to get anymore. so get the word out and try and get as many people to listen and download the songs. : ) apsolutly free! adam xxx hope your ok! Feb 05
  • Jebbal. said:
    ewww testss.... we just got done with finals, it was horrible lol hmmm howd u do on the chew on this test?? haha Jan 20
  • Resolutions_Of_Adam said:
    Hey havent spoken to you in a while but we have got some new tracks up from our album and hope you would like to check them out. = ] i reli hope your ok. and hope you will like the tracks. your friend, adam x Jan 17
  • Jebbal. said:
    its over =[ lol arent u back in school yet? if not then u are very lucky! haha so howve you been lately?? Jan 04
  • Resolutions_Of_Adam said:
    my newyears was unbelievably average lol. so we ent to different : ) hope your well. and should have some album versions of 4 songs up in a week i think so i need ya to boost plays for them. then were going pro to get onto the front page : ) Jan 03
  • xxxmusicgurl21xxx said:
    lol..............you\'re retarded Dec 27


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