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Call Me Sir

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Second Monday

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Winchester, United Kingdom

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Avenged Sevenfold Pro

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Orange County, CA

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Chiodos Pro

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The Autumn Offering Pro

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Comments (12)

  • Keithleen said:
    waZup Sep 25
  • AmiiGoesRawrr said:
    just cuz yew don't like a band doesn't mean yew have to post mean comments about them, i mean i'm not telling yew not to voice yer opinion, i'm just saying there are better ways of voicing yer opinion.. Sep 23
  • Xplosivbabe said:
    hmm, they're not brilliant but dont be too harsh on em k? i dont really wanna involved in a revolution so.. play nice kids! :) Aug 24
  • Almost Gone said:
    Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but there are better ways of voicing them. More mature ones, at least. And before anyone attacks me for that...it's MY opinion. Aug 21
  • Anne said:
    it's true, i dont really like them either, and even tho its also true that he has the right to his own opinion, i dont think he should be trashing them to their faces....i mean, for gods sake, the artist sent me a message saying "JOIN THE REVOLUTION! STOP EVAN HARDCORE!" it's kind of getting out of control.....maybe if you just didnt say it to their faces??? Aug 19
  • Sheepslaughter said:
    overall i agree w/ u, they aint that great, i support that. only thing is i think one comment would have been enough. But i definately aint gonna smeer you, just ignore them. Rock the hardcore bro XD Aug 17
  • Jeff...music said:
    I support you....what pretentious people thinking that everyone would come hating you... Go you. Aug 17
  • BrittanyAnn said:
    he has the right to his own fucking opinion you guys need to shut the hell up. :/ if you dont like his comments dont fucking read them. stop harassing him.. you guys are being really stupid nd this is really starting to piss me off. you actually think that by putting up rude comments nd sending n rude msgs that your gonna make him stop.. psh.. you guys must be monster tards. nd about this bullshit about contacting the company nd getting them to delete his pro, you dont have the balls. nd even if you do succeed n doing that he can jus make another nd ill help him do it too. the point im trying to make is STOP BEING ASSHOLES TO HARDCORE MEDIA. :/ Aug 17
  • alix said:
    what did they do to force themselves down everyone's throats? no one has to listen to thier music if they dont like it. Aug 17
  • Jamus O'Seamus said:


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