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  • General: howdy, there.

    i spent four months sitting at the front of my social studies classroom in high school before my teacher learned my name. up until that point i had been called hannah,…

    Feb 24, 2011

  • General: stop in the name of love.

    So, I bet you all couldn't sleep last night from wondering how today went with the mooning of the cars and the mooning of the census lady and the throwing ice cream at…

    Jun 04, 2008



my name is rebecca, but my bitches call me hank. i currently live in residence at the university of alberta. THREE HENDAY! as i type this, in the lounge, my floormates are constructing a stripper pole out of my roommates crutches. we stole a shopping cart. never sign up for friday morning labs. in high school i started a mosh pit in the gym. i once woke up after a party with red coontails across my bangs. i listen to my ipod for an average of 8 hours a day. i have an asian friend who said "me love you long time" to me before passing out on the floor. i love caffiene, especially cheap caffiene. on that note, i also love cheap alcohol and drink a lot of it. however, i will never do drugs. i want to get the following tattoo on my knuckles: bathtime is funtime. it annoys me when people complain about being "labelled"; people will stop labelling you when you stop giving a shit. i hate it when people take themselves too seriously. i will try something a hundred times just to make sure i don't like it. i used to have a ton of different hobbies but have no free time since i went to university. i love playing guitar. i love my bf jordan. the only thing on my bucket list is to one day be the singer of a screamo band called 'floored by four-thirty'. feel free to add me as a friend :]

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