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  • MythMan(InvisibleCombatant) said:
    i don't judge..xD haha..man...so many people tell me i look a different age..one person thought i looked almost thirty...strange..but 20 us understandble i suppose..hmm..i guess i don't like harry potter..but thats my own opinion..xD haha...dood..things that are epic consist of guitars, tacos, Jesus Christ..and so much more..but sorry, harry potters just not one of them xD haha uhmm...rant about how tacos are the single greates things in the entire planet =] that will make me happy =] haha Aug 01
  • kaelyncurbstomp™ said:
    hi, i'm kaelyn(: thanks for the add how are you? Jul 28
  • MythMan(InvisibleCombatant) said:
    Stellar is a stellar word! hah! Psh. its called use simple math. xD j/k hah yyup...16...how old do i look if i don't look 16 then? Bouncers are usually big scray black dudes...no offence to any black dudes or dudettes..but they usually are. just saying..xD haha...volleyball annoys me. xD haha..sorry but it does. Harry pooter isn't really one of my favorites.. besides...ive already gotten a complete review of it from my other friend..xD haha.sorry..find something else to rant on about. =] Jul 28
  • MythMan(InvisibleCombatant) said:
    oh yeha!! completely secluded from anything, really. haha..and just be with the penguins and such. it would be totally stellar! Actually..i am 39...but only in my head..i like to think im older than i really am. hah...take off about 23 years..and that'll be my age. =] hah..i lie about my age to get into bars and such. no! thats a huge joke..xD haha. im doing rather well...a bit exhausted..but ill survive. haah..owl city, huh? not heard of them..welll...hold on a sec..lemme check...nope..not heard of them..hah. sorry. Jul 27
  • MythMan(InvisibleCombatant) said:
    Yesh..that was sarcasm..im known for it you know..xD ahah...no..i wish...it would be total solitude there..no people to deal with, but sadly antarctica is inhabitable. so thats a big no on the location. heh..sorry for the confuzion. Im caleb btw =D how're you? Jul 21
  • Sean_cookandmaid said:
    Mhm, interesting life. Don't worry, converting isn't really my thing (even though I am a christian). Yeah, I don't really have a facebook. I really only have this PV profile to keep up with my favorite bands. I'm not on the computer enough to keep up with all those "get to know me" type of sites. Whatcha been up to? Jul 09
  • Queen of Spades; said:
    Lol I haven't been able to get on, so sorry it took so long to comment. Lol :) And wow... Jun 30
  • Sean_cookandmaid said:
    Describe myself? lol Okay, I'll try... I'm 16, and I live and breathe music. I play guitar constantly. I hate when people judge me. I have a couple close friends that I love and would die for. That's pretty much it for me. What about you? Describe yourself for me. Jun 19
  • Sean_cookandmaid said:
    Hey Bri, I'm Sean. I love you profile page! You got a great way of thinking, and you got an awesome taste in music. Jun 17
  • Queen of Spades; said:
    I can see that! Lol. :D Jun 03


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  • General: discrimination

    do u realize that people are still being judged?? i have a very close person to me that gets horrible and crude comments yelled at him every day. they tell him to get a…

    Jul 09, 2008



Dirty Hippie, Captian Bazongas, Jameson, B-Ribs, Bribis, Bribruski What ever you wanna call me, I'm Bri. I'm Athiest. I'm a Feminist. I'm what people would be considered weird but I'm going to tell you right now that that weird is being a true Dead Head. Don't try to convert me to anything and I won't give you shit; if you feel the need to antagonize me, we're going to have problems. I'm pretty optimistic for being a pessimist. (Paramore, ha. Iknow) I hurt inside when I know I'm missing a good concert and that usually means that I need Advil for my insides 24/7. Pretty-eyed boys are my weakness. They don't talk/like me though. BE DIFFERENT! Likeness is called being in a cult. You're all gonna die with the way your cult is going. I like style. I don't have much but teach me how and we'll be best friends:D brokeNCYDE and Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy and Bright Eyes and 3OH!3 and The Cab and The Academy Is... and Attack Attack! and Beastie Boys and Boys Like Girls and Cloud Cult and Chiodos and Cobra Starship and The Color Fred and Danger Radio and Gavin Castleton and Danger Is My Middle Name and Owl City and Death Cab For Cutie and The Fray and Freekbass and Hellogoodbye and The Grateful Dead and Imogen Heap and The Jakes and Jane's Addiction and Jason Mraz and Jeffree Star and John Mayer and Katy Perry and Kellar Williams and Kill Paradise and The Killers and Lady Sovereign and Lily Allen and The Maine and Mayday Parade and The Medic Droid and MGMT and Motion City Soundtrack and Nickasaur! and The Offspring and Paramore and The Pink Spiders and Radiohead and Red Car Wire and Robert Raqndolph And The Family Band and Rusted Root and Saving Abel and Scotty Vanity and Shiny Toy Guns and Smashing Pumpkins and Spearhead and Micheal Franti and Taking Back Sunday and This Providence and The Ting Tings and Tripe and The Used and The White Stripes (wow that's long) are the coolest bands ever on the face of this planet earth. Desperation, envy, happiness, and anger seems to be the only emotions that take over my body daily. I want a kitty.I can't have one though. I'm a Pace Baby; which basically means that the System thinks I'm smart. I'm blunt and may hurt your feelings. Fair Warning.

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