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Less Than Jake

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Stellar Kart Pro

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Comments (436)

  • Allison J said:
    thanks Mar 29
  • sensitiveXDandroid said:
    cool,cool. yeah im pretty tierd. u wanna IM me? my sn is xcorecutiexxx. Mar 24
  • Allison J said:
    Luv the new pix (as usual)... Mar 24
  • zachDB said:
    well, im finally on spring break, but im really sick. so i guess that sucks! lol (cough!) Mar 24
  • sensitiveXDandroid said:
    Heyy! we havnt talked in FOREVER! how u been? Mar 21
  • Allison J said:
    Hey...thanks for te comments...ya...I was gunna wear a green dress with black lacing around the waist area, but it ended up bein too small for me...(I like to eat...*LOL* jk) so I wore that dress...ya...I had fun at my birthday party...a couple of kids wanted to come but couldn\'t...I found that out recently...so ya...i did figure out who my true friends are. But at least now I know who they are....and they\'re the ones I thought of as true friends all along...well, g2g now...l8r... ~Allison~ Mar 21
  • Allison J said:
    ok...so what happened on my birthday is that I went to prom first and danced till a lil after 11:00 that night, when it ended. Then, I had a sleepover with two of my friends. Then, the next morning, one of my other friends came over and we talked, laughed, ate choccolate with fruit, had a shaving creme fight, ate cake and ice cream, and filled balloons with shaving creme and blew them up the rest of the way and the person that popped their balloon and got the messiest won. But the only thing is, there were about 30 ppl invited and only 3 showed up...but at least I know who my BEST friends are now...o...and I learned that all my life I thought I couldn\'t dance to fast songs, but on friday night, I found out that I CAN dance! How cool is that? *LOL* Mar 20
  • zachDB said:
    its been awhile, whats up? Mar 18
  • Allison J said:
    *LOL* ya...i kno how that is...gosh....omgosh! I went to my very first prom on Friday night (also my 16th birthday). I\'ll fill u in later....right now i have a friend over...bye! ~Allison~ Mar 18
  • The Names Thurston said:
    that\'s a nice picture of you when you are in the car. cars tend to have the best lighting i think :] Mar 15


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    Mar 24, 2007

  • General: the impossible has been achieved

    wow. I have a boyfriend. It's so akward, but yet so inviting. He always puts a smile on my face. I must say God works in mysterious ways. =]] ps. Luke ♥

    Jan 31, 2007

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    Jan 12, 2007



I am short {5.3 and a half!}[[ but bright ]] I am athletic ( running is my drug ) || let my life prove it || && I am owned by Luke Mathis :] xX therefore I am NOT single Xx

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