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  • General: first blog..ever i guess..YAY

    HIYA! ok so its 1:21 in the morning, yay, and mircosoft word isnt working. that always happens, i need something and it wont work. so yea, late at night have to get up…

    Feb 27, 2009



umm HI! ~~~~~~******~~~~~~~ im the crazy girl who likes colors and gives random people hugs! im the girl next door, you know the one you grew up with and threw mud pies at, then later fell in love with?, well yea thats me :D .there are a lot of things i wish i could do, but im just not cordinated enough, o well ill just watch others! haha yea! im pretty much a normal teenager living with the common theme of music is life. i never want to grow up, and im trying really hard to make that happen. i like people most of the time, and have a varitey of friends. OH! and i can listen to any type of MUSIC to a certin extent :D ~~~~~~******~~~~~~~ i dont really know what i am...but hey, if you want you can throw a few names out. i guess you could judge me by my pictures, and wow thats a thousand words right there for each one. i promise not to judge you back, im not that kind of person, i just like the truth of what people think of me....THANKS :D ~~~~~~******~~~~~~~ i tend to smile :D a lot...and im usually in a good mood, you will defiantly know if im not. ~~~~~~******~~~~~~~ I HAVE A RUBBER DUCKY COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!...just thought you might want to know ~~~~~~******~~~~~~~ b/w photography+pretty much any other art= love! ~~~~~~******~~~~~~~ i kinda have trust issues, but umm i love new friends so i talk to strangers, isnt that weird? ~~~~~~******~~~~~~~ so ummm what else..you can talk to me, ill probably talk back ahah ~~~~~~******~~~~~~~ ok..bye. ~~~~~~******~~~~~~~ (|^.^|)

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