• Brittany Nicole said:
    Hiii! How are you? if you have time you should listen to this amazing band from michigan There starting to get pretty big. www.myspace.com/oncewewereburied Thanks love Jan 10
    hey! ah wow i havent talked to you in FOREVER. gah i miss how we used to talk everyday bout everything. ive been good, junior year is killer but im a survivor haha, how are things with you? Nov 17
  • said:
    nothing much really bored!!! =] Apr 01
  • IIMRAD said:
    hey. sorry it took me so long to accpet you and comment you back. i havent been on here in forever. honestly, ihad forgot my password. but yep... i live in ocala. which publix do you work at? and what school do you go to? Mar 15
  • kailanicole said:
    yea.....im from ocala... i am up to nothing really...sadly just tryin to stay out of trouble ;-) you? btw...which publix do you work at? (cause ocala has like 11) thanks for being my friend ;-) Feb 23
    haha, yes you betta update me! haha. wow it really has been forever since weve talked. remember the good old days? hahah :P Jan 13
    haha hey caleb. so apparently when i sent you that \'hello loves\' comment, i was totally tipsy off my ass! so yeah. haha but thanks bout the pics :) you need to take a break from work so we can talk like old times! Dec 30
  • said:
    thanks for accepting! Dec 14
  • said:
    ur hot and ur music is awesome. must be hot donw in ocala, cold up here though. comment back. Dec 10
  • said:
    hey, pretty good and all, homework now..sucks and going to the movies later. wats up with you? Nov 09
  • said:
    Hey wats up !! wanted say great!! music && pics too. ew. sweaty lol. but niiice. anywaysss - Cassie Nov 05
  • nudl_bb said:
    hey i didn\'t mention that;b but thanks^^ i\'m just trying to kill some time right now before returning to school=/ so how\'s life in florida? Oct 25
  • nudl_bb said:
    hee..you\'re fine?;) Oct 22
  • xCorexDancerx said:
    hey there! sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if you could check out my band MUTT. and listen to all four songs at www.purevolume.com/ilovemutt. you should add us to your favourite artists list if you like. that would help us out a ton! thanks .(sorry if u already sent you this im sending this to everyone). www.purevolume.com/ilovemutt Oct 08
  • Nickelback_MVF said:
    Whoaaa...Thats an awesome pic ! Oct 07
  • Tiffanyyy said:
    naples. Oct 06
  • Zazx said:
    nice pictcha Oct 06
  • xLosexLosexSituationx said:
    oh yea lol, and lol this is my bf\'s account [[ cuz i made him make it lol ]] .... u probably would of thought that was weird :P yeaaa there ya goo.. :] yea write me back if u do on mine plz :] -ASHLYN Oct 02
  • xLosexLosexSituationx said:
    LoL - Heyyyyyy.....CALEB ! Yeaa i remember youu : ] PooL dude ! lots of funnn Oct 02

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  • General: Hawk Nelson!!!

    They came to my very own town (Ocala, FL) and rocked it out! They are so awesome! Everybody should get their new CD. HAWK NELSON ROCKS!!!

    Apr 08, 2006

  • General: Spring Break

    ...well mine is finally over, life officially sucks until school gets out, LMAO! which is only like 30 more days or less, PE@CE!

    Apr 03, 2006

  • General: My Music...

    Alot of people say that I can't make up my mind when it comes to music, but you who think so, screw off! You who like my choice of music, thanks!

    Mar 30, 2006

  • General: PV Looking Nice!

    I like the way the redone the Favorite Artists, Friends, and Comments sections. I think it looks better!

    Mar 29, 2006

  • General: PV Forums

    ...are very fun and interesting!

    Mar 28, 2006



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