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  • General: Fallen Arches Causes, Signs And Therapies

    Overviewflat foot, condition of the human foot in which the entire sole rests on the ground when the person is standing. When the foot muscles are weakened or the ligam…

    Jul 05, 2017

  • General: Do You Really Understand Heel Aches?

    OverviewHeel pain accounts for one of the most common types of pain felt in the foot. Pain in the heel of the foot can be caused as a result of exercise, daily work rou…

    Jun 30, 2017

  • General: Leg Length Discrepancy Treatment In Runners

    OverviewDifferences of an inch-and-a-half to two inches may require epiphysiodesis (adjusting the growth of the longer side) or acute shortening of the other side. Diff…

    Jun 30, 2017

  • General: Mortons Neuroma Treatments

    OverviewA Morton?s Neuroma is actually incorrectly termed, with the name suggesting it is a tumour or growth. Rather than a true neuroma it is actually what is called a…

    Jun 03, 2017

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