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Dead Poetic Pro

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Dayton, OH

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Forsaken (AT)

Alternative / Rock

Feldkirchen, Austria

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Panic! At The Disco Pro

Rock / Other

Las Vegas, NV

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Angst In Space

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Montville, CT

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Brooklyn, NY

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  • *{ j0rdi}* said:
    i play the violin to=]] May 12
  • *{ j0rdi}* said:
    i play the violin to=]] May 12
  • said:
    its just like a slanty face... idk haha. hey you should update ur profile! we\'re not called hyjinx nemore :-P Apr 26
  • said:
    :-/ Apr 23
  • said:
    that sounded sarcastic... ur not happy? Apr 19
  • said:
    YESSSSSS! oh man im so happy for you :) Apr 18
  • surpriseme_froufrou said:
    sweet thats pretty tight Feb 11
  • surpriseme_froufrou said:
    cool wat do u play Feb 11
  • surpriseme_froufrou said:
    nope i wish but naw..u? Feb 08
  • surpriseme_froufrou said:
    lol thats cool yeah its boring where i live also Feb 07


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  • General: Ok So Im Bi

    hello people ewho have come here yes i am bi if you have a problem with it then go suck a fat one iight!! peace love and crakers!

    May 09, 2008

  • General: OMG PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Jan 31, 2007

  • General: OMG

    OMG today was a blast.I met this reall nice guy on here and he is in a band called hyjinx.i listened to tem and the are fuckin AWESOME(and cute)so if anybody reads the…

    Nov 05, 2006

  • General: Sorry I Didn't Tell U About The Monster Under Ur Bed

    I am sorry about the monster under ur bed I heard it was a dread Is it dead Did it gobble u up hole Or did it chopp u in a bowl I am sorry about the monster under ur b…

    Aug 12, 2006

  • General: Need A Friend I'm Always Here

    Hi all u people that have come to my page. Need a friend. Don't be shy. E-mail me and I'll see what I can do.

    Aug 12, 2006



Ok so as u people already know i am Suraya.HI.lets see wut is there to say about me.So wut do ya'll wanna know about me i u leave me a comment or a message tell me some stuff i can add to my billboard because its pretty bare right now ok so Do I Have A Boyfriend...... i had one but we broke up.he was an azzhole for wut he did 2 me.i dont hate him but i dislike him.hate is to strong of i word.i,so far,only have 2 people that i really hate so far and thats the Devil and this gurl name Ashley.if ur on my hate list then u must have done something pretty mean cruel or whatever to be there becasue i am really a nice person. My Favorite Colors.... my favorite colors are blue,violet,black,green,and peach.dont know why i absolutely luv thoughs colors i just do.i think they are very ..........ummmm.........expressive.wonder if thats a good discription! MUSIC i just luv music.name any kind of music and i luv it.my grandma says that i have some like passion for lifes values and that i luv to express myself.and that is absoultel true.i tell things how they are and i am not afraid to show my inner shell.if u luv me u luv me if u dont u dont. just like i have heard off of a recent song "LUV ME OR HATE ME THATS THE OBSSESION LUV ME OR HATE ME THAT IS THE QUESTION IF U LUV ME THEN THANK U IF U HATE ME THEN F_ _ _ U ALL I CAN BE IS MYSELF" and thats the truth peps. My Favorite Cartoons ummm.....this is an easy one.my favorites r Baby Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry.i guess u could say the smurfs but i dont really watch them alot.I like Baby Looney Tunes because they remind me of my bad azz lil brother but he is really cute and nice when he wants to be.And i like Tom and Jerry because the shows r so amusing! well thats alll i am writting for right now luv all of ya'll who check out my page and offer to be my friends u r all great! . welll thats it for now i'll halla back 8ter PEACE!!!! A BAND U ALL SHOULD REALLY CHECK OUT IS HYJINKX.THERE REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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