The Word Alive Pro

Rock / Metal / Progressive

Phoenix, AZ

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Experimental / Progressive / Hardcore

Castleton, IN

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Venia (MN)

Hardcore / Metal / Christian

Minneapolis, MN

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Christian / Metal / Hardcore

Fort Smith, AR

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Dustin Kensrue Pro

Folk / Country / Classic Rock

Orange County, CA

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The Glorious Unseen Pro

Rock / Ambient / Indie

Nashville, TN

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Christian / Screamo

Tampa, FL

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Seven Places

Rock / Christian

Medford, OR

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Extol (Norway)

Christian / Death Metal / Hardcore


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Hardcore / Metalcore / Metal

Atlanta, GA

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Training for Utopia

Metal / Hardcore / Metalcore

Seattle, WA

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Agony Scene

Metalcore / Hardcore / Metal

Tulsa, SC

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The Send

Alternative / Rock

Albany, OR

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underOATH (former band)

Hardcore / Death Metal / Metalcore

Morehead City, NC

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Death Metal / Metalcore / Metal

Tampa, FL

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12 Stones

Rock / Alternative

New Orleans, LA

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Oh, Sleeper Pro

Metal / Rock

Fort Worth, TX

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As i lay dying (songs)

Metal / Hardcore

San diego, CA

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Dashboard Confessional Pro

Acoustic / Emo / Alternative


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Ruth Pro

Alternative / Rock / Indie

Battle Ground, WA

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  • General: new blog

    So I haven't been on purevolume in a long time but I'm gonna start trying to get back on so...yeah....talk to me people.P.S. check out the new Thrice CD 'The Alchemy…

    Nov 15, 2007



I am Jordan, I am 17. I love God. Some of my favorite activities are breakdancing, climbing trees and listening to music. My favorite band is Underoath, but Thrice is a very close second. I also like Lifehouse a lot. I really like sugary goodness, and I think candy should be a food group. Don't ask me about politics because I have no opinions and I don't think they really help anything all that much. But there is certain issues I have a strong stand on such as abortion and gay marriage. If you don't like me, I can't promise I wont like you so you just might have to ignore me. I don't really fit into one category or another, but if I had to it would probably like hXc or something due to some of my taste in music and wardrobe.

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