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Foxy Shazam

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Thirty Seconds To Mars Pro

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  • xXLostXxXHopeXx said:
    lol your funny whats your name sweetheart Oct 12
  • $$-REALITY KING-$$ said:
    hells yeah I'll like your blogs you know what send me a message and we can talk about it but first I'm gonna have look more into your blogs first k?^^ Sep 15
  • $$-REALITY KING-$$ said:
    lol!Hello chem? that sucks.;/ um... i was sick but i'm feeling better.know oh what's up? um.. the sky the roof and anything and everything over your head. Sep 04
  • $$-REALITY KING-$$ said:
    Hello Sep 03
  • polly said:
    ahaah I know! he's sexy! but taken. Aug 28
  • polly said:
    lol, your gonna laugh your ass off if I told you. It's actually a person. Matt Good :] haha Aug 27
  • Wontonsoup62 said:
    i kno i am really looking forward to meetin up. but first we need to find somewhere we could meet. that would propose a problem if we didnt lol Jul 21
  • number1GUNSHOW said:
    heyyy how are you? Jun 14
  • I Am The End Of The World!!! said:
    aww dont worry be happy lol Jun 03
  • Christa Rose said:
    oh I love furry little animals. but I really like the fact that you at least tried with the clarinet. I know how tough it is to kind of balance everything and have to be in band. I pretty much hate band but I love playing music. May 14


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I'm bizarre, and very random. I love rats.I have 17 of them, yes you read that right. I also have 5 hermit crabs, a frog, a guinea pig, a bunny, a hamster, and a cat. My headphones SHOULD be attached to my ears because the earbuds chill with my eardrums most of the day. I'm weird without drugs or alcohol. I'm not photogenic. I can be shy or outgoing depending on the person. I say "dude" all the time and too much. ADHD is a common characteristic of me. Don't try to understand me. I love and trust too many people too quickly. I analyze everything to every possible aspect, its annoying. My phone, is best friends with my jean pocket. I wear multiple shirts at the same time. Don't ask why. I love talking so if you wana talk, leave a comment or message, but if you're a homophobe, back off! I support gays strongly. I'm NOT impressed when people talk about killing animals for the fun of it (aka hunting), or when people make fun of gays. I'm addicted to youtube and happiest playing with my pets.I'm from one of those families where I'm the odd one out, my parents don't like how I've turned out and I don't get along with my older brother. I mean it, I refused to attend his wedding and I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about that. He's not invited to my wedding if get married so yeah. I hate the word probe, grope, and fag/faggot. Don't try to call me weird, freak, dork, or anything along those lines because I already know I am all of the above. Yahoo: X4Xdeadbeatxcxx The Landlord on FunnyOrDie.com

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