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Silverstein Pro

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Burlington, ON

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Paramore Pro

Rock / Emo / Alternative

Nashville, TN

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Hardcore / Punk / Rock

Arica, Chile

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Metalcore / Rock / Hardcore

Boston, MA

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A Wilhelm Scream Pro

Punk / Hardcore

New Bedford, MA

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  • Legna Zeg said:
    Hello!!! id like to share my band's songs with you, check them out if your free time allows u, thanks a lot: http://www.purevolume.com/afewmemories Apr 17
  • vesubio said:
    hola...:) somos VESUBIO una fusion encantadora y abrumante pasate, escuchanos y deja tu comentario.. http://www.purevolume.com/vesubio Muchas Gracias..!!! May 11
  • urfavoritehippie said:
    helo dear how was ur day? Apr 07
  • P o k a [Lucicake] said:
    jajaj tambn me da risa como habland los argentinos aqui en mexico como no les caen bn jajaXD u.u pero a mi si jajaXD a mi me cae bn todo el mundo ;) XD u.u te recomiendo a austin tv son mexicanos el mejor indie a mi parecer ;) Apr 07
    you dont seem weird xD i think everyone is weird in their own way! psh im weird too xD Apr 07
  • P o k a [Lucicake] said:
    jeje poez esta por donde esta el distrito federal! :P conoces o haz venido o eres de aqui o que onda? :P jeje u.u dime de que genero y te digo asi unos bn pros ;) Apr 06
  • urfavoritehippie said:
    yes yes i agree so tell me about your self? Apr 06
  • Disconnect the leash said:
    it was a great pleasure meeting you :) and yeah I understood what you meant about the 100% thing.. I love knowing that there's some1.. no matter what you have done.. will always take you back.. it's kinda like a parent.. you bring up the children, but even when they disobey.. you dont stop loving them.. it's a beautiful thing.. i'm pretty tired.. i tend to just keep talking when I am.. well i'm sure you're in bed right now so i'll bid you a good night haha dont let the bed bugs paralize ;) I very much enjoyed talking with you.. I look forward for future conversations Apr 06
  • Disconnect the leash said:
    well we tend to think that way.. but the truth is there is no way He would ever love you less or more.. coz He already loves us to the max!! and I believe we should do the right thing.. not because we have to, but to make God happy :).. coz it pleases Him when we do the right thing.. and that what pushes me to be better. Apr 06
  • Disconnect the leash said:
    I would really love to share this with you if you have time to read this http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=38416575&blogID=368130127 tell me what you think :) and yes I do play drums. Apr 06


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    HI! MY NAME IS AGOSH! i´m here to get in touch with another world...mine´s so boring..XD i´m from argentina and as you can see i know how to speak englishh!!...i…

    Mar 28, 2008




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