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Location: Trois-Pistoles, QC


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Chaos Con Queso

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Schenectady, NY

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Kendall, FL

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PL Mafia

Ska / Punk / Hardcore

Montreal, QC

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Stretch Arm Strong Pro

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Columbia, SC

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Ion Dissonance Pro

Metalcore / Metal / Hardcore

Montreal, QC

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  • said:
    hey whats up? i hope u accept my add...I saw you like Big D :) Ive been a fan of theirs for a loong time. I\'m actually in a band called Stealing Jane, we\'re playing with them next month... im def excited! if u get a chance, check us out ok? let me know what you think :) ttyl! -bryce Dec 06
  • Panda♥ said:
    lol wow you seem really happy excited hyper like...well iim just waiting for something to happen bc im bored as fuck...i have 2 more days of skool left...idk what to do...i wanna smoke and drink right now too but cant!! gosh!!! ...lol May 28
  • Panda♥ said:
    heeeey!! i havnt talked to you again in a while...how are you? anything interesting happen lately? go to any shows? i know you have!!! played any good gigs? omg! i went to go see this band called the human abstract and i was sick when i went to see em..i was so exhausted i couldnt evn enjoy the fuckn show. so yea...erm...i want tim armstrongs new cd!!! have you heard it? its pretty kik fuckn ass!!! i want it O.O ....lol hand is cramping again!!! ahhh!! lol peace and love [amanda] May 23
  • MelyDOT said:
    Nice!!!! J\'ai pas mal hte d\'entendre a! a doit tre bon hh! C\'tu un peu dans le genre hardcore franais comme akuma ou ben...?! [Mouais...] :] Apr 20
  • Panda♥ said:
    hey buddy! how are you doing? im in school right now and i thought id leave you something. so idk....wow that was really useless and retarded to say when idk wut to say and i dont evn think im making sense....uh...ok lol bye Apr 17
  • MelyDOT said:
    Haha ouais j\'vais bien :] Pas grand chose de neuf de mon ct... j\'talle faire aujourd\'hui ce que je peux appeler ma dernire ride de l\'hiver en snow hh! le mont ferme cette semaine donc... Mouais. ctai ben l\'fun faisait pas trop chaud!! Woah un show avec vortex, a promets hh! Tu m\'en reparleras aprs le show!! :] a risque d\'tre vraiment malade ! Apr 10
  • MelyDOT said:
    Hey salut! Quoi d\'neu? Apr 09
  • Panda♥ said:
    lol that would be sooooo fuckn awesome if i could go...i should go! lol damn that would be pretty damn cool, an american in canada...that speaks no canada stuff or wutever french u speak lol and then im kinda like clueless to wutever everyone would be saying. lol i can imagine XD Mar 30
  • bleedingpunkgirl said:
    Erm Hi. Mar 28
  • Heatherinnee said:
    hey there. Mar 27


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  • General: SHOW

    The march 23th show was FUCKING AMAZING !!! I played with my band and with 2 others cool bands: A Dying Race and BIGbucket !!!!! these guys are rly nice, and the show w…

    Mar 24, 2007

  • General: show

    Show le 23 mars avec We Will Die Young, A Dying Race, Bigbucket et d'autres !!! =]

    Feb 21, 2007



Visit www.purevolume.com/wewilldieyoung thts my band !! ^^ or www.myspace.com/wwdy !!!!!! One Saturday I took a walk to Zipperhead I met a girl there and she almost knocked me dead Punk rock girl Please look at me Punk rock girl What do you see? Let's travel round the world Just you and me punk rock girl I tapped her on the shoulder And said do you have a beau? She looked at me and smiled and said she did not know Punk rock girl Give me a chance Punk rock girl Let's go slam dance We'll dress like Minnie Pearl Just you and me punk rock girl We went to the Philly Pizza Company And ordered some hot tea The waitress said well no, we only have it iced So we jumped up on the table and shouted anarchy And someone played a Beach Boys song on the jukebox It it was "California Dreamin" So we started screamin On such a winter's day She took me to her parents for a Sunday meal Her father took one look at me and he began to squeal Punk rock girl It makes no sense Punk rock girl Your dad is vice president Just like the Duke of Earl Yeah you're for me punk rock girl We went to a shopping mall And laughed at all the shoppers And security guards trailed us to a record shop We asked for Mojo Nixon They said he don't work here We said if you don't got Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin We got into her car away we started rollin I said how much you pay for this Said nothin man it's stolen Punk rock girl You look so wild Punk rock girl Let's have a child We'll name her Minnie Pearl Just you and me Eat fudge banana swirl Just you and me We'll travel round the world Just you and me Punk rock girl I saw Bad Religion in show at Warped Tour last week, and their show confirmed that their new album, New Maps Of Hell, kicks ass !!! Find it and listen to it, you'll not regret !

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