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Mother lickers on about me having an uneventfull life! what are they on about! lol

Posted Aug 02, 2006 at 12:00am



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  • General: New Music.

    Sadly not my music yet, untill i work out how to put music up. Hopefully i dont have to create a new page. Anyway ive recently added a shit load of music to my palett…

    Feb 10, 2007

  • General: Work work work!!!

    Hey ya'll as they say in the southern states. Just started puting together some new work from my trip to Deano's in London. Go check it out in my gallery. Also i have…

    Feb 10, 2007

  • General: Mother Lickers

    Mother lickers on about me having an uneventfull life! what are they on about! lol

    Aug 02, 2006



[INSIDE] Supposed to tell the world about myself, but i'll tell you. Just you and who evers peeping over your shoulder! Im never alone but always lonely, im always drinking but never drunk, everyday i discover i exist as i always forget, and so im continously reminding myself to make the most of life. But i still find it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Im not a hard worker but more of a perfectionist, and i like to think im good at everything thats thrown at me day to day. I have dreams but never dream about them, and i look after number one as i only can count on myself as ive found people will let u down. All my friends i love you guys, not for been my friends, infact i appologise to you for putting up with me, but for been inspirational and individual. [OUTSIDE] On the lighter side of life as it were, i love art but, yet again am too lazy to make the most of my talents. I love music but have only really listened to it non stop since i was 16. Although in the past year ive come to realise just how much music has been thrust upon me since i could understand tones and tempos. By this i mean ive basically heard alot of music but never known who by. And at the moment im tappin into my subconcious resource more than the current music trends. Ermm yeah i smoke alot of pot if you cant already tell. I dont mind giving praise to people who deserve it, and i will always back people as long as what im backing isnt imorale or anything like that. [CURRENT_MOODS] At the mo im listening to Boards of Canada, Bonobo, Amon Tobin ,The Herberliser, Appogee, 50's Rock like : [Chuck Berry, Fats Domino ,Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, and absolutely tons of over stuff] Soul like : [James Brown and Aretha Franklin] Loads of soundtrack music form multiple vietnam films like full metal jacket and apocalypse now and all that. Ermm anything trip hoppy. Jurassic 5, NIN as always, Beach Boys, Coldcut, loads of classic 90's tunes. Trainspotting soundtrack tunes, and really groovy chillout stuff like Orbital, Future sounds of London, Royksopp, Groove Armada, Air. Actually fuck it, anything i can lay my hands on. You recommend it i'll give it a shot! Peace.

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