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    im Steven. whats up? Jun 27
    hi.(= Jun 22
  • grrxxtrex said:
    hmmm im not so good my ipod broke today and i dont have the music on my computer =/ Apr 14
  • grrxxtrex said:
    hey wats up, i love your hair Apr 11
  • said:
    i\'m great, applying for jobs. so where in ohio do you live? Feb 18
  • said:
    thanks for adding me baby, how are you? Feb 17
  • no1234 said:
    heyy, wen did u get the nose ring... i have 1 in the same side 2!!! i like wearing a hoop though... its purple!!!! yay! XP watup w/ u n btw happy l8 valentines day! Feb 15
  • chelsea nicole. said:
    hii C: how are you? Feb 13
  • no1234 said:
    o yaaaaaay, pic! i like looking at pics..lol. watsuperz i havent talked 2 u in the longest... i feel like we all should recommunicate...idk,how u\'ce been? anything new?XD Jan 23
  • soiler74 said:
    how do u go to two schools? isnt that a lot of work? Jan 20


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i'm taylor dayne. i'm 17 years old. i will always be and rob&big fan i'm a ballin ass senior that goes to briggs[09]. i do what i want, when i want, who i want,where i want, and how i want. i dont give a fuck what anybody has to fucking say about me one bit :] i'm some what easy to get along with. but it takes alot to impress me. just make me laugh, then you'll be on my good side. remember im not PERFECT!. i live some what of a good life. but whos life is a fariytale? i'm deeply in love with kyle gibson & nothing in my life will ever change that. i love my friends dearly. so dont ever try to hurt them. we all stick up for each other as if we were all one family. or so i thought, you dont have real friends you may think you do but you dont no matter what. the only friend i have is me, myself, and i. i can actually say i have 2 of the bestfriends in the world.i would like to learn more to become a doctor. i love that feeling i get when helping someone. what's better than getting a smile from someone that needed your help the most? i'm afraid of snakes and spiders. everybody always tells me how much they like my hair i always say thanks but it can get annoying. i can be a big bitch i'm told. i'm very very stubburn. but i'm tryin to change my ways for the better. if you ever meet me, watch out. i will tell you what it think of you straight up. love me or hate me i'm still always going to be here so deal with it. i text more than most people should it's a hobby. i hate ohio. the smell, the sight, and everything bout it. i can't wait to move away. i'm actually a really nice person WHEN you get to know me. please dont act like you do right off the back. P.S. i just wish everybody would come to their senses and help others. we all need to do our part and bring peace upon earth. i sit in my room sometimes thinking about how i have it better than others. starving kids, wars across the sea, there's so much suffering i just wanna see people happy. and that can never happen until each of us do something about it. it's so sad to see how global warming, cancer, and everything else is sucha big problem :[

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