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  • Ameriken2 said:
    I'm alright...Besides the fact I lost a lot of money in stocks today...Are u in a band or you just really like music? Sep 30
  • Ameriken2 said:
    Hey...Whats going on? Sep 29
  • TheronRogers said:
    Hey!If you like Dashboard Confessional then you might like my stuff. Check it out at: www.purevolume.com/theronrogers Let me know what you think. Thanks, Theron Jul 14
  • Andrew (Dynamite Clothing) said:
    amen!!!!!!...i hate counrty music...bleh!!!!!! Jun 05
  • glassjawboi said:
    hey sup thanx fo acceptin Jun 04
  • Andrew (Dynamite Clothing) said:
    cool ... i sk8 ... i scream...i love music ... i go to concerts ... i hav a clothing co... u?... Jun 03
  • Andrew (Dynamite Clothing) said:
    wats your current drum set up?... Jun 02
  • Andrew (Dynamite Clothing) said:
    thats freakin awesome ... so thnx 4 the add ... im andrew ... wats up?... Jun 02
  • matty uk said:
    hey whts up May 26
  • josh said:
    ya. soo what u guys do for fun? May 10


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  • General: Add me on Myspace

    Hey add me on myspace www.myspace.com/redwallblackcurtain

    Jun 06, 2008

  • General: My class ring.

    "with hope, in Christ"----my engraving on my class ring.

    May 04, 2008

  • General: Hold On To Me

    Shaking violently, Running fast, This time I see, Its not going to last. It might get rough, But thats expected Dont live your life undetected Hold on, Hold on to me

    Nov 22, 2006



About Amber: By Meli I am Christian."I'f we're not talking, we're singing." my life revolves around friends, guys, and music. I hate drama. I will tell you what i think about you to your face. I can be pretty blunt at times, but it's magical. I am pretty funny , and can make just about everyone around me laugh. I fall wayy too hard for people, but that's the beauty of it. I am a one guy girl, and i want to meet someone that shares that with me. i am pretty damn hottt. smack that. ayy bay bay., etc. etc, etc. I am really strong willed. I love my friends, especially meli.alot. (me) i will give the clothes off my back for anyone if they need it. i am very considerate, kind, and caring. yes they are all very necessary and all apply to different parts of life. i laugh to an unhealthy extent. I almost died over the summer like 5 times. no joke. i love hairspray, no not the musical, just actual hairspray. no, for my hair. sicko. i adore music. i know i keep saying it. but the truth has to come out sometime or another. I love black, and have been told that my haircut is "mature". whatever. i love hot guys. i'm not gonna lie. actually its just two guys that i like....but one has a girlfriend and teh other could care less about me...whatever. i like using strong language. i love colombia. i want to express my life through pictures. i want tattoos and piercings, and gaged ears.i like to be cheap. why pay 30 bucks for something when you can pay 10? i love to twirl my hair. i've done it since birth. i have an obsession with breakdowns. i love shows where i get murdered in the pits. meli is incredibly talented at screaming, and i am amazingly talented at drums. i attempt the guitar and i have pretty good vox. i like poems. I like being a kid.i want a guy that will love me unconditionally and who shares my passions, interests, and desires. sometimes i feel like that is too much to ask, but then i know that i will meet someone like that eventually. i learned not to overestimate people, because they will let you down. amen. Amber: I could say that I like to see the best in people, because there is no hope in the worst. The brighter bulb always attracts more bugs/the brighter things in life bring you closer to everyone around you...I know, weird analogy, but it works. Also, I hate fake people. What's the sense in being somebody you're not, you never know when someone may love you for who you truly are. I could say that I have had a pretty amazing life, but that is all because of God and a few people who decided to have hope in me. My friends mean so much to me, without them I wouldn't be much. Another thing, sarcasm is a serious gift, for those who have it--don't waste it. A favorite quote, "We are the musicmakers and the dreamers of dreams"-Willy Wonka (yeah. I know it's deep) What else? hmmm. I tend to be really dramatic and if something isn't happening I am completely bored. I have many friends, but I only have a few amazing friends four to be exact: Melissa, Josh, Benny, and Jessica (not necessarily in that order.)Something else. I seriously think that I have bipolar moments. It's scary, but that is all I am going to say about that. Moving on. Or like my old math teacher used to say, "Meanwhile, back at the ranch"...(you had to be there). One thing I know for sur ein life is that love haunts me. Not a good thing, every time I find someone that I like, they either homosexual, taken, or just not interested because "i'm not their type"--whatever. Another point is that I am a little OCD when it comes to people handling my things. I don't like them placing things in my room because the never know how to put it back right.ugghhh. One last thing that everyone should know is that all I want to do in life is 5 things: marry the man for me who will love me even without my makeup on, have a ton of kids, make my family happy, make Jesus happy, and help people. Everything else in life could just be considered extra blessings. Don't wish it away, don't smile it away. Love while you can, you never know when it will leave. Love is blinding, but if you let me hold your hand, I can help shade your heart--xXamenXx

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