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Dwelling inside when the pain arrives

Remembering the hurt of your own life

Bloom the roses to drench them in blood

Only to drop those wonderful ribbons of joy

Allow the pain to envelope it all

The picture you love is still nothing at all

Seething into revenge so you can see

Tripping on the differences that are in between

Leaning into crevices that are incomplete

But when it’s become all too late

When the beings of existence have succumbed too fate

Screw deeper the thorn incasing your corpse

Deeper and deeper until you’ve numbed past hurt

The war that is impending is never ending

Garnishing the lies and the twisted ties

Into the war that you may create

You’ve begun to fall into the revenge you seek

You begin to succumb into the bleak binds

Because the peace you need has been tracked in vines

Residing in the dark that has crossed broken lanes

Embedding the stitches that have yet to be sown

Relieving the stress after you’ve quit the test

When you’ve reached your last

When you’ve neared your edge

You understand why you’ve gone to revenge

Posted Jan 20, 2012 at 12:26pm

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