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    well, Kudai has quite an amazing bio. so i felt inspired to do my own. this is a little bit about me. not much. but just incase you are interested..... I love to laugh…

    Oct 24, 2010



im just another teenage girl making my way through life. i cant complain about it, but my life throws curves at me all the time and sometimes i really dont think i am going to make it through. so thats why i have devoted my life and love to music. it has helped me get through the past 10 or so years of life. so i will be here. just letting life take me as it wants. We were never born to follow, we were born to live out loud, live our life, and enjoy every moment of it. I live by quotes that describe who I am. You can always find me with headphones on. My favorite color is a tealish blue. I love to just relax and hang for the day in jeans and a t-shirt with my friends. I LOVE hugs. :) one day I want to be able to say that I have experienced life. Right now I cant say I have as only a teenager, but one day I will. Florida is my home but I want to go to college at vanderbuilt and spend my life in Tennessee, but I love to explore so this is not a set destination. I always believe that I am right, though I know most of the time I am wrong. I have my flaws but its ok. I accept that I am blonde and act like a dork sometimes, but that’s the best part about me :D I don’t bother to try and act cool, if I am at a party where everyone else is sitting around talkin and there is good music playing, I will be dancing with my best friend and I don’t care how stupid I look, because there is no point in wasting our lives sitting around. I live for the moment, I don’t know how much I can stress that. I fall easily. (take that for its double meaning, I trip very easily. Me =klutz and my heart will open at the most inappropriate moments, but it leads me to very happy and amazing, and very broken memories) the thing about love for me is that I believe in it so strongly. Im not out looking for it though. I just want to fall because I just will. I don’t look for certain things in people, as long as the understand me or at least try to, then im good. I am a very crazy and different person, but all my friends are ok with it so I guess its not that bad ;D I love to watch the stars at night. They can tell so many stories, and they are just soooo beautiful anyway :) btw I love smiley faces :D:D:D:D:D my favorite moments are when I am hanging out with a group of friends or spending time with the special someone and just being me. I love the beach, I hate people who are rude, though cant say that im the nicest person in the world when you talk crap to me ;D somehow I have developed an allergy to apples :( I dislike it when people cant pronounce my name tho I cant blame them, it is different ;D I have toooo many favorite books and movies to list so I wont put those up. I don’t have an ipod because I have a zune. Yes, I have a zune, and yes, I think that they are so much better than an ipod. If u got a problem with that go eat your face :D ily……

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