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Norma Jean Pro

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As Cities Burn

Rock / Indie / Experimental

Baton Rouge, LA

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Every Time I Die Pro

Metal / Hardcore / Southern Rock

Buffalo, NY

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Metal / Post Hardcore / Death Metal

Dayton, OH

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A Life Once Lost Pro

Psychedelic / Death Metal / Southern Rock

Philadelphia, VA

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  • BleedingScreams said:
    well...have u not seen her cock...its massively colossal Jun 11
  • BleedingScreams said:
    you may feel like a cow but u look sexy...if i wasnt gay id prob sex you...but i am gay Jun 10
  • BleedingScreams said:
    Ya...your my first and only friend...does that make you feel sexy or wat? Jun 10
  • lady_luck1212 said:
    do you remember that one siong we listened to like everyday when i went and visited you? about a train or something? yeah well luv ya! Apr 16
  • lady_luck1212 said:
    nah, we would be brother and sister since you would be the only one with the surgery :P! ily!!! Mar 23
  • lady_luck1212 said:
    its ok lizzie. ill love you no matter what happens. you can have plastic surgery get a penis, then become a transvestite and ill still love you! we are sisters for life. and i wont leave you or hate you no matter what you do. i may be dissapointed but like i already told you, its ok. im not this time. and i understand. i love you!!!!!! Mar 18
  • lady_luck1212 said:
    what does it look like? Did your mom let you go to the art thing? i hopes! loves and hugs! xoxo brea Mar 11
  • lady_luck1212 said:
    Lol your last message was so funny cause i just got back from eating chinese and thinking of god thai food would of been better, when i read that! lolz. anyway when i opened up my fortune cookie it said m\"you love life will be happy and harmonious\" lol i was just telling my aunt all about thai too!! wow to many conquencidences for one day. I love you to pieces and to death of pieces 0.o dont know how that works! but love you and will someday see you soon smoocches, xoxo, brea Mar 10



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  • General: man.

    go check out these guys... www.myspace.com/fightpriestfight1 seriously. metal:)

    Mar 08, 2007



i am lizzie. i'm crazy!...you'll love it. i'm confusing!...you'll hate it. i don't really know how to be mad at people. and God is the most important thing...ever.

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