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  • General: Win Chelsea

    Charlie and I made this music hoping to bring something new to people's ears, and to express ourselves in the best way we know how. Check us out if you have a minute. w…

    Mar 09, 2011



I'm Evan. :) I love Underoath and making music of my own. I love to sing and drum and play guitar and bass and ANYTHING I can get my hands on. Give me anything, I'll make music out of it. I have a band of my own called Win Chelsea, so if you're curious.. www.purevolume.com/winchelsea Drop me a text sometime IF YOU LIVE IN CANADA. It'd be cool. 519 317 6151 OH YEAH, and if I hear about one more "new metalcore electronica band" that just turns out to be fucking breakdowns with screaming and synth overtop, I'm gonna kill somebody. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR BAND if you're a clone. Don't waste my time. You may be a clone band if: - your singer sounds the exact same as 5 others you could name (it's not that cool to sing really high anymore. what ever happened to soul?) - the opening riff to every single song is a breakdown... in fact you don't have real "riffs" at all, just breakdown after breakdown after breakdown until you get to the clean vocals in the chorus, in which you employ some power chords

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