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A Rocket To The Moon

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Braintree, MA

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Will Dailey Pro

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Brookline, MA

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Hit The Lights Pro

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Lima, OH

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Kill Paradise Pro

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Denver, CO

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Ben Harper (classics)

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New York, NY

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  • .tRagic.LiES. said:
    i think i trust to much. thats my problem. i want there to be good in people. so i believe it's true. maybe i'm naive and stupid.. but when someone says something like.. i love you. i'm gonna believe it you know? i trust that things are gonna turn out alright.. that tomorrow will be better than today.. but i keep getting thrown back to the bottom. because i'm always wrong. noone ever means what they say. forever has no means. forever could end tomorrow. or last week. or 532 years from now. tomorrow will be just like today. it's only at times like this.. when i'm all alone and i know no one really cares that i let my wall down. idk if i ever told you about my wall or not. but it's a pretty big part of me now. maybe you helped me build it. but anyways. now that it's late and i'm lonely i let this crushing hopelessness rush down and drown me. i hope it never gets the better of me.. it's closing in. sweetdreams Jul 07
  • .tRagic.LiES. said:
    i take it back. imissyou. Jun 27
  • Linho said:
    Oi!! ADD!! www.purevolume.com/bornofthespirit (OUÇA!!!) Dec 19
  • .tRagic.LiES. said:
    i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry idk if you check this or not. but im scared of lossing you. i guess its best that we just dont talk cause then i cant hurt you anymore if i dont chicken out of pressing that add comment button i will be really proud of me i have a boyfriend and hes not you nothing is going to live up to you and me. and i dont really know what to do about that. my life is changing im sure yours is too. im sorry that i skrewed up so bad that im not even a part of it anymore im sorry for all the bad stupid decisions ive been making lately.. i just am lost ill find my way someday. dont worry bout me please find someway to move on with your life to be happy again. you do not need me you are so much better than me all i can hope for is that someday you can realize that and go out and take over the world i should stop. im sorry. byebrian iloveyou. Oct 21
  • miss.beejones said:
    no problem :] im good how about you Jul 11
  • .tRagic.LiES. said:
    baby you are so cute=] Feb 01
  • Joe said:
    if you like upbeat acoustic music then you should check out my stuff... i just released 2 new songs and they're my best yet. hope you like them. Jan 03
  • Rich Gilliland said:
    check out my music http://www.purevolume.com/richgilliland :) Jan 02
  • Mykel said:
    HEY WHATS UP! i know bands probably tell you to check them out all the time i am sorry but i would completely appreciate it if you could check out Beyond Berlin there is a good chance we wont be disappointing. www.purevolume.com/beyondberlin or www.myspace.com/beyondberlin we thank you from the bottom of our hears www.purevolume.com/beyondberlin www.myspace.com/beyond berlin Dec 19
  • .tRagic.LiES. said:
    well thank you Dec 04


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I'm in love with this girl named mikayla i looove music and am constantly trying to find new amazing music. i live for my friends and would do anything to make them happy i like to think i'm a pretty good friend. it cheers me up =] to tell the truth i hate myself but im starting to grow on me =] i love to make people feel good especially my babycakes! i have a horrible habit of constantly thinking everything through i try to think i don't care about what people think but i always do. i dont usually like to talk about myself. i guess theres not a whole lot to talk about off the top of my head. i like to think im pretty alright if you take the chance to get to know me.

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