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New Starting Over

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Bullet For My Valentine Pro

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  • errornotvalid said:
    hey how have u been? I\'ve been so stressed out. I cheered myself up a little by buying purple pants, lol. Aug 18
  • Im fool so what ? said:
    Aww. Cutie. Of Course i will call you kylieWylie :). the how dumped you is no one. you are great!! still like this you are so fucking sweet! kiss talke care a lot Aug 15
  • Im fool so what ? said:
    Hey, thnks for acepted! im Isis. and i fine and U? Aug 11
  • errornotvalid said:
    life. it\'s like I feel so worthless and so bottled up ready to explode. Every day just makes me feel sadder and I just hate myself. Everything about me. And I can\'t even tell my bestfriends becuz they wouldn\'t understand. I hate life Aug 03
  • errornotvalid said:
    hah, I just noticed I spelled hello wrong in my other comment. yeah same here. I want to go see the Simpson\'s Movie this weekend. have u seen it yet? Hopefully that can cheer me up. I feel so depressed Aug 02
  • kathy said:
    haha i dont start school until the 21st lucky me ha lol j/k Aug 01
  • kathy said:
    blah school ok then hahah lol Aug 01
  • errornotvalid said:
    helo. what\'s up? Aug 01
  • kathy said:
    mmm ok now ur happy and im still sad lol by the way ill add ur myspace when i get on i saw ur friend request its just that i barely go on it hehe Aug 01
  • kathy said:
    aww thats sad =( im going through the same except he didnt even tell me cux hes not answering the phone and wont get back to me and its already being about a week and im pissed off at that so i think it might be over i hope not =( Aug 01


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  • General: my bros song

    SARAH What should I do to make you mine Sarah you are the only one in my mind Sarah you got me running in circles And Im desperate for you Lead me the way to y…

    May 27, 2006

  • General: Torment

    Is this what you wanted When you said my love was not what you needed Your words are merciless That had left me helpless You gave me your love But you took it away I g…

    May 27, 2006

  • General: The Inner Side Of Me That You'll Never Know

    I feel like im dying soon As time passes me by And its time for me to bid goodbye In my heart i feel like It is tearing me apart Apart from you As my days are numbere…

    May 13, 2006

  • General: We were meant to be although were strangers

    Youre my world Together well go against the gods will Were not suppose to know each other but we did Were just like a stranger We never meant to be together But we go…

    Mar 30, 2006

  • General: A poem or something

    Please come over here im thinkin of u you and me together now im beggin u to stay wif i kneel down in front of you But you dont give a damn You LEAVE ME Jus FUCKIN LEAV…

    Mar 30, 2006



My name Kyle,mi love foods.Mi love watchin movies like on every weekends>Mi play soccer(nt reli good bt at least i can dribble pass sum dumbfucks)Mi born in Singapore nt sure izit a cool place to live in.I'av been hr since the dau i was born n im still clueless abt the place(sumtime its kinda sux n bored n sumtime its rather cool)My fav color Black n Red.My fav band,Aiden My style erm..Emo/Punk. well im nt veri sure tho.tell me if u noe n i'll b grateful to u.im serious.well i think thts all abt me. wana noe more abt mi(weirdo) add mi At PunkRocker_kylenagasaki@hotmail.com

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