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  • General: Jonas Brothers Concert

    OMG That concert was soooo awsome!!! Honor Society was awsome an must listen to band and the Wonder Girls all the way from North Korea here in America to help jumpstart…

    Aug 15, 2009

  • General: What does my fav color say about me?

    I like the color RED! =D Your Favorite Color Says You're Charming Ambitious --- Energetic --- PassionateSpontaneous --- Attractive --- InspiringSeducti…

    Aug 02, 2009



Hii(: I'm Dani and I'm from a far down south place(: I enjoy playing football, soccer, basketball or any other sport basicly. I guess I;m pretty cool to get to know :P try and find out yourself :D I like spending my time taking pics, talking to my friends or getting down and dirty in the good ol' fashioned mud. My closest buds are Jazzy, Sydney, Liliy, Clair, Ary and Marrisa. There are others and you guy know who you are ;D haha ilygmtmtmtmtmtm! Hmm.. Anything else you want to know just ask(: don't be shy to ask I don't bite too much haha. What stereotype do you belong to? Your Result: Emo writes poetry, cries a lot, single, wears a lot of black, dyed hair black, wears hair in front of their face, would rather be alone than with people, has a myspace to meet other emo peoplePunk Loner geek/nerd Gamer Preppy Jock No stereotype What stereotype do you belong to?Quiz Created on GoToQuiz You are 94% Suicidical  I know how you feel, trust me. Believe that things are getting beter. Don't kill yourself, Trust me: You are great, I know this because I was like you, Maybe I still am, the point is HOLD ON!! Music can help you, the lyrics and stuff. If people don't see how great you are, then THEY'RE stupid, not you! Love, KarolienHow Suicidical Are You?Take More Quizzes What is your style?EmoSceneSkaterGothPrepJockapple saucebloop........i dunno >.

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