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to the make Slang 1. Aggressively striving for economic or social advancement: a younger govt within the make.

underproduce - create beneath capability or demand from customers; "The East German factories had been underproducing for a few years"

Number of examples of GeoCounter skins . New: you are able to personalize the track record within your counter utilizing your very own illustrations or photos. 150x170 a 150x170 a 150x170 a

carve out - create or create via painstaking exertion; "She carved out a reputation between her male colleagues"

Availability of source facts: Exactly where a closing get the job done has actually been obtained with the compilation or processing of the supply file or multiple resource documents, all underlying resource info need to be available together with the perform by itself underneath the very same situations. This may be the score of the musical site image composition, the versions Utilized in a 3D scene, the info of a scientific publication, the source code of a computer software, or every other such details.

create, make - create by creative signifies; "create a poem"; "Schoenberg created twelve-tone songs"; "Picasso created Cubism"; "Auden created verses"

Assemble bases, coach navy units, and deploy armies throughout a big environment With this method MMO. Engage in epic click this PvP with other gamers and capture their bases. Down load FREE for apple iphone and iPad now!

3. Slang Identification of anyone or issue, normally from information in law enforcement information: Did you have a make within the thief?

appoint, charge - assign a responsibility, obligation this you or obligation to; "He was appointed deputy supervisor"; "She was billed with supervising the development of a concordance"

skeppend, kreatiewelik بإبداع творческо criativamente tvořivě schöpferisch kreativt; idérigt δημιουργικά creativamente, con creatividad loovalt با ابتکار luovasti d'une façon créatrice בְּאוֹפֵן יְצִירָתִי सृजनात्मकतापूर्वक kreativno alkotó módon secara kreatif hugvitssamlega creativamente 創造的に 창의적으로 kūrybiškai radoši dengan kreatif creatiefkreativt twórczo له site out go ابتکار سره com criatividade (în mod) creator/creativ творчески tvorivo ustvarjalno kreativno kreativt อย่างสร้างสรรค์ yaratıcı/özgün bir şekilde 有創意地 творчо تخليقى انداز مي‍ں reading this this một cách sáng tạo 有创造性地 creativament, amb creativitat

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