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Drain and rinse well using cold water after.

If refrigerated, this dish keeps well pertaining to up to 3 days.

In a large bowl, add every 1 regarding the ingredients and also mix together. Serve immediately.


4 tart apples, chopped red onion, finely chopped2 limes, juiced4 cloves of garlic, minced2 jalapeno peppers, divined and also seeded, minced1 yellow bell pepper, diced1 yellow red pepper, diced1 (15 oz.) can easily black beans, drained along with rinsed cup cilantro, chopped1 (8 oz.) can crushed pineapple, drained1 tablespoon vegetable oil2 tablespoons ceramic nonstick cookware apple cider vinegar2 teaspoons ground cumin2 teaspoons chili powder1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon ground black pepper


Serves 6

In a sizable bowl, whisk oil along with vinegar, apricot preserves as well as salt inside a significant bowl. Add apples along with lemon juice, stir as well as cool.

Apple lovin' recipes

Apple Raspberry Crisp using Carol Swayze

Serves 6


Serves 8-10



cups dried wheat berries, cooked based on instructions cup dried cranberries cup dried apricots, choppedgranny smith apples, or any other tart apple, chopped5 cups kale, chopped (about little bunch) cup red onion, finely diced2 cups carrots, shredded cup almonds, sliced cup roasted as well as salted pumpkin seeds


1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil1/3 cup rice vinegar1/3 cup just about all fruit apricot preserves, zero sugar added teaspoon saltDash of freshly ground pepper


Topping: Mix with each other until crumbly. place apple mixture inside a shallow medium baking dish as well as sprinkle using cinnamon or even cinnamon substitute (two parts coriander then one component cardamom). Cook covered, until wheat berries tend to be tender- regarding 30-35 minutes. Then, minimize heat in order to medium-high. Filling: Thaw apple raspberry juice concentrate, dissolve cornstarch within it, heat until clear. Retailer throughout an airtight container pertaining to as a lot as five days.

Toss together the particular wheat-berry mixture, kale, carrot, apple cranberries, apricots, almonds along with pumpkin seeds into the bowl involving dressing. Serve warm. cover as well as chill just before serving as well as serve immediately. Add the actual topping as well as bake from 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. The Particular apple mixture may also become used for any normal two-crust pie.

Apple Black Bean Salsa by simply Jodi Hansen, Blue Zones Project Muscatine community Lead

Wheat Berry and Kale Salad together with Apricot Vinaigrette by simply Carrie Hillman regarding Muscatine Hy-Vee

Rinse the actual wheat berries as well as combine with eight cups regarding h2o in a medium pot and produce to some boil over high heat. Season with pepper.


8 cups diced apples1 can easily (12 oz) frozen apple raspberry juice concentrate, undiluted2 tablespoons cornstarch1 teaspoon lemon juicePinch ofsaltCinnamon


1 cup rolled oats cup wheat germ cup margarine1/3 cup brown sugar2 tablespoons flour


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