• DOWNattheDISCO said:
    pretty good, boyy. youresocutteee. Apr 02
  • KRYSTAL said:
    hey whats up? Feb 18
  • Rach will take your picture said:
    hey kid. how are you?? Jan 25
  • amandagrace ! said:
    hey! yeah I love music. I was lookin at your music it is good to. Well my day was good I guess. what about yours. P.S. I like your skate boarding pic. Jan 25
  • KRYSTAL said:
    Hey, I\'m Krystal but im sure you already know that. lol. I like all kinds of music except country. Your new zealand idea sounds really cool. i\'ve always wanted to visit there. im not really sure where i want to move but i know i dont want to stay in Quakertown. lol Jan 05
  • lonely rolling star said:
    hi i\'m pretty ok ha i liked the fuzzy looking thing on your face and you sounded pretty coo [quotes from plato and such...] whats up with you? Dec 06
  • xXLovexLifexSuicideXx said:
    GOOD!!!! meh cuz im DONEE with my homework Dec 01
  • xXLovexLifexSuicideXx said:
    how are you?? Nov 30
  • said:
    sw33t b3ard hahah Nov 05
  • Musichic191 said:
    hey!! whats up? i saw that u liked silverstien, im going to see them on nov.14!!! i love them. they r also playing w/ aiden, he is legend ... Oct 23
  • YoUrOcKmYpInKsOx!!! said:
    Wow I was like you are not 20 you look like your 30 in your picture, but then i saw the other ones lol! how are you? Oct 21
  • a-n-g-e-l-a-ox said:
    ohh okay madison for college im guessing thats sweet. Your in your second year Oct 02
  • artistintheambulance__x said:
    heyyy yeah you seemed pretty cool so i thought i\'d add you! :) not much is up at the moment, just got home. yourself? Oct 01
  • dumblonde1992 said:
    heyy np...im pretty good..how are you? omg i know they are like my favorite band.. xox Liz Sep 30
  • o92605 said:
    hah aw, i would love a six hour nap. i am dead tired. but we have the next two mondays off - so i\'m looking forward to that =] Sep 29
  • Adriana said:
    yeah I just bought it on their myspace for $10. Sep 29
  • --mykaila said:
    yes they sure are :) umm well recently i went to a AOF concert.. and i\'m not really sure whats coming up. How was your day? Sep 29
  • said:
    no wories i cant take back what i\'ve ben throught it is what it is Sep 29
  • o92605 said:
    oh, it\'s going. and yeah- they\'re good. how are you? Sep 28
  • Adriana said:
    pretty good. Yes I love them, they are one of my favorite bands. Sep 28

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  • General: No Title, No Thanks

    Been listening to a lot of Misery Signals and Copeland, haha, what a weird line-up to have, heh heh, oh well..

    Apr 08, 2007

  • General: Lollapalooza 2006

    I just got back from Chicago!! I was at the Lollapalooze festival and it was amazing, more details later, tired, ciao

    Aug 07, 2006

  • General: The Bambozzle

    I can't wait 'til May 7'th cause I get to go to the Bamboozle concert in Jersey!! I'm so excited for it, it's gonna be insane like no other with all these bands playing…

    Mar 31, 2006

  • General: Favorite Bands List:

    A.F.I., Aiden, Alien Ant Farm, Amber Pacific, Boysetsfire, Chevelle, Dredg, Emery, Every Time I Die, From First To Last, Hawthorne Heights, Hot Water Music, I Am Ghost,…

    Feb 05, 2006



"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." - Plato. Plato is a legendary genius. He knew what the deal was with music and I feel the exact same way. So if you absolutely understand Plato's philosophy about music, than you'll understand a lot more about myself. Here's music that I've recently listened to and tunes that you should be listening to as well: HELLO! My name is Scott and my world revolves around music. If you know me, than you know what I'm like. If not, then feel free to talk and get to know me. Cheers! "You're a door-without-a-key, a field-without-a-fence you made a holy fool of me and Ive thanked you ever since. If she comes circling back well end where wed begun like two pennies on the train track the train crushed into one or if Im a crown without a king, if I'm a broken open seed if I come without a thing, then I come with all I need no boat out in the blue, no place to rest your head, the trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead." - Mewithoutyou (Brother, Sister)

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