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An Open Ended Sky

Post Hardcore / Metalcore / Screamo

Toms River, NJ

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Amely Pro

Pop / Rock / Alternative

Orlando, FL

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Orchestra Green

Rock / Indie / Pop

Blairstown, NJ

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Newtown, Australia

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Design The Skyline Pro


Corpus Christi, TX

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  • Click here said:
    Twitter: @twittestuardo May 29
  • Blueberry said:
    Hey! I know you probably get a lot of spam and what not, but could you please help my friend's band out?? :D It would mean a lot to me and a lot to them if you did. They need you to vote for them so they can try to win a line up on 2011's Warped Tour. Just go to battleofthebands.com, sign up, click on While We're Up's page, and vote for them! Make sure to leave a comment on their page telling them that I asked you to vote (: Thanks so much for your time, have a great day! :D http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/whilewereup Mar 02
  • Queso said:
    hey can you do me a huge favor? can you help us play warped. we are late and just found out about it so we have some catching up to do http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/MTM173555 Mar 01
  • Liz Sparks said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo "Music made with the heart and not with the hands" Feb 09
  • asfadsfadsfasdfasfda said:
    Hey pretty lady :-) Could you check out my friends band? Maybe even be their friend/become a fan? Thank you! How are you doing? www.purevolume.com/lovecunningham Feb 07
  • Jeremy Rice said:
    Hey there! My band RadioDriveBy just released a cover of Katy Perry's California Girls!! Check it out, download it for free, and make sure to let me know what you think! :) http://www.purevolume.com/RadioDriveByMusic Jan 31
  • Traceeee :) said:
    im good(: you? Jan 30
  • Alex :D said:
    im good. just been pretty busy with school and exams and stuff haha. how are you? :) im alex by the way Jan 28
  • Alex :D said:
    hello :) Jan 28
  • Felipe Rocha said:
    hahahaha, how are u darling ? Jan 18



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Ello xD I'D RATHER REGRET SOMTHING I DID DO, THAN REGRET SOMTHING I DIDNT DO X Perfection is unachievable and so overrated, if you screw up i believe its not a mistake its learning and every1 dose it. I've been put through hell and back, I've seen things no one would want to see. Getting to know someone is the most important thing to me and if you don't like that get out of my life. I will say I do fall way to fast for people. I don't no why, it just the way i function. I have been hurt to much for my age because of it. I'm done with people taking advantage of me. Treat me with respect. I love music. I'm in love with Escape the Fate, BRING ME THE HORIZON :] im single im a very sporty and arty person. i enjoy designing Graffiti and Characters. Karate is my fav sport im currently on my BROWN BELT :)and just love music!!!!!! :) i have a tun of blond moments dosnt everyone :s, please dont judge me for that i am smart. i love the beach THINGS I HATE: LIERS, SLEEZY ppl, SPIDERS, fake people,CLOWNS im a very cheery person who cruses threw life and trys out for everything cos i dont want to have any regrets. my mates would say im over happy but they love me for it. you only live once so give everything ago. Even thou you make a tun of mistakes dont let people try and change you!!! Just cos i dont make sense to them what your doing it may be absolutly crazy but if it works for you go for it!!!!!! :) i like nice guys. i hate bitches i like screamo/Metal/rock :) i hate clowns. school is school to me. i like skinny jeans especially my black ones xD. i like to hear bout new music all the time. i love my family. and my mates. feel free to add me n chat :) xoxo del

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