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Echo Park, CA

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West Chester, PA

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High Flight Society

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Cedartown, GA

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Beautiful Dying Day

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Brussels, Belgium

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Lynn Haven, FL

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  • Elisabetha :] said:
    Hey I'm Lizzie :) Happy New Years! Check out my band if you have time :] www.purevolume.com/LostinAtlantis Jan 02
  • Liz Sparks said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo please check it out! BM has a new record,it alternative-experimental music! please become a fan and leave your coment! =) May 04
  • Forgiven by the blood of Christ!! said:
    hey! haven't heard from you in a while! how ya been? I'v been getting by, having ups and downs in this little life of mine. happy that my life with God is better and sad that I don't have alot of time with my friends. Oh and about facebook...I can't, I'm not alowed to add people that I don't know personaly. like in person and have meet them and such. sorry... Dec 14
  • jem said:
    Hello, thanks for the friend request. Sorry for the late reply though, I haven't been on in a while. Sep 18
  • Sweet Cake said:
    Hey guyz check this HardCore/Alternative group from Brazil http://www.purevolume.com/BiggestLie :)Escute Biggest Lie - HardCore/Alternativo http://www.myspace.com/biggestlierockers :) thankssssssss Jul 09
  • PKandice, luhv. said:
    check this band out. i promise you wont regret it!! cross my heart. :) http://www.purevolume.com/pk listen and become a fan. thanks a bunches. -pk Jun 24
  • Jackson said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "At Breakfast http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast good luck! thanks! May 31
  • rhonda! leah. (read my billboard?) said:
    heyy, i'm doing fine, what about you? but yeah, purevolume has been giving me trouble too :/ but i don't have a yahoo account or anything. May 10
  • Forgiven by the blood of Christ!! said:
    i'm pretty good, I can;t run for a week though bc I have shin splint....so i'm sad that I can;t run at my track meet tomorrow :( oh well. lol. what have you been up too? May 08
  • s[he] be[lie]ve[d] said:
    hey. I'm fine... I haven't got any emails from you! May 08


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    "What has God ever done for me?" grumbled an angry twenty-three year old man named Victor. "I mean, why should I believe this so-called God guy loves me as you say He…

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  • General: this must be love (song lyrics i made for tiia)

    if only i could see you if only i could hold you in my arms, everything will be alright. guide me, touch me, use me, build me, Hold me, and never let me go.…

    Feb 20, 2009

  • General: right now

    the wild music upstairs changes to mellow the party must have ended or just beginning i can hear their beds creaking sometimes people lose their decency quicker…

    Feb 19, 2009



i love tiia!!! im also @ http://www.katext.com/kingArthur/ Dreams I thought silence could make someone sleep I thought an empty table without books could make one rest But I never thought silence could amplify emptiness And darkness could Illuminate unrest. When I was three and ten I heard a wise man say Dream somebody but never love your dreams Love somebody but never cast her to eternal dream. "My friends, don't be afraid of people. They can kill you, but after that, there is nothing else they can do. God is the one you must fear. Not only can he take your life, but he can throw you into hell. God is certainly the one you should fear!" - Luke 12:4-5 everyday could be our last day, and we are not guaranteed another day on this earth, so we must live for God in the present... Life is short, death is sure, hell is real, JESUS Saves, think about it...

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