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Toms River, NJ, October 06, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Activator 1000, theinnovative environmental company that manufactures, markets, anddistributes, the only septic tank treatment product tested and approvedby the U.S.D.A., has added a liquid septic tank cleaning formula totheir product line. The addition of the newer, stronger liquid formulaseemed like a natural progression since Activator 1000 has been offeredin a septic tank cleaning powder formula, since 1988.

Our new liquid septic tank cleaning formula is a great addition to the Activator 1000 product line. The release of the new liquid formula is the first of many new products being developed by our team, says Ray Carney, the president of the development team at Activator 1000, and creator of Myactivator.com. The development of Activator 1000 Liquid formula has been a great achievement and has motivated our team to move forward with other products such as biodegradable toilet paper, bacteria for composting, environmentally safe bathroom and tile cleaners, as well as a lemon- lime scented powder for septic maintenance and odor control. We are thrilled to being development and look forward to continually expanding the Activator 1000 environmentally safe product line.

Septic maintenance is very important when it comes to environmental health and safety. The liquid septic tank cleaning formula has been proven to eliminate clogging, back-ups, and other major problems in the leach field which can contaminate the soil and environment. The new liquid formula is not only stronger than the original powder septic cleaner, it is still all natural. It contains aerobic, and anaerobic bacteria as well as three problem solving enzymes. All three enzymes are salmonella negative, non-pathogenic, non- toxic, and harmless to all animals and humans.

Certified test results prove that Activator 1000 is the most effective septic maintenance product you can use. The controlled environment tests showed that the high potency liquid formula goes to work right away against organic build-up. Although designed for septic maintenance, Activator 1000 liquid formula will eliminate existing problems, and prevent future ones.

While both of our septic tank treatment formulas are designed for commercial and residential grade septic tanks, the liquid formula seems ideal for a commercial setting. Activator 1000 liquid, is easy to use and store. Moisture, dampness, and even wetting the container will not destroy or compromise the formula. Go to MyActivator1000.com to septic maintenance learn more about Activator 1000 Liquid Septic tank cleaning formula and other septic tank treatment tips.

About MyActivator1000.com :

MyActivator1000.com is an online retailer of all natural and environmentally safe septic tank treatment and septic maintenance products, an exclusive carrier of Activator 1000 septic cleaning products. For more than 20 years, Activator1000, is the only septic maintenance program tested and approved by the U.S.D.A., and also a member of the Better Business Bureau.

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