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Hey my name is Ellen but i go by Veronica and or Ellen. whatever. my life is music and colorguard. If you don't know what that is then ask. just a hint it involves spinning guns and sabers. so much fun. I don't have a boyfriend as of right know. fuck him. i love hanging with my friends and i love to play my bass. can' t think of any thing else ask if you want to know. my life is awsome i have close friends and i love making fun of people. we all have a reason to be on this planet and mine is yet to be found or it might not be found. i love to look up at the stars at night and think about the fact that we are looking into the past. b/c the stars are so far away we are looking at ligt that was shown thousands of years ago.i say this on a tshirt... a young girl wrote to god why do you let all these bad things like killing, shooting, and cheating in the public schools? God wrote back, i am not alowed in the public schools.

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