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Age: 27

Location: Indian Creek, IA


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A Tragedy At Hand

Metal / Metalcore / Hardcore


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Dear Elizabeth (unsigned)

Hardcore / Death Metal / Christian

La Mirada, CA

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Call Me Sir

Hardcore / Metal / Progressive

Nashville, TN

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Despised Icon Pro

Death Metal / Metalcore

Montreal, QC

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Escape The Fate Pro

Rock / Rock / Rock

Las Vegas, NV

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Comments (62)

  • jakegriffin said:
    hi, itd be so tight if you checked out my band on here. www.purevolume.com/ArchedTheFlood we just shot a new video, and new songs and all that.but who cares.lol. check it out :D. thank you for your time Jan 29
  • aerfeijefeiofj said:
    hey yyour are gorgeous......Can I hear you sing? Like, do you have a site? Jan 29
  • JÆ follow -> @SWITCHINGTOGUNS said:
    Hiiiiiii!! =) Happy Thanksgiving!!! **if you celebrate** Hope you can share (and survive) a great day with close friends and family!! ;D Nov 26
  • kai said:
    N# (8bit/nintendocore) Nov 14
  • Whitman (Dear Elizabeth) said:
    haha. wow. like the dish soad! epic! ha Thats interesting that you live with your gradma! I sure love my grandma.....................(having a little moment, hold on a sec)................................................ OK!!! But do you like your church?? There would be no Dear Elizabeth without my church cause the core of the band goes there and we all met there and stuff. So thats cool. Good things happen at church! i mean apart from God and fellowshippin and all that, haha I went to detention today though. soo stupid. I hate tardys Feb 11
  • Whitman (Dear Elizabeth) said:
    Oh. Well my grandpa's name was Don. short for Donald, but Dawn is very different. So whoever makes fun of it is lame-sauce! Wow. youre a nice community person!!! I dont do anything like thatreally, except i do lots of stuff with my church.. and I just had the MOST TERRIBLE FEELING EVER!!!! I forgot to go to detention after school today. :(((((( NOOOOOOO. I had it today AND tomorrow for my tardies!! NOW I PROBABLY HAVE SATURDAY SCHOOOLLLLL. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO> :( I was going to go to my detention.... but im never in trouble so i forgot. Ughhhhhhhh Feb 10
  • Whitman (Dear Elizabeth) said:
    oh and i copy pasted YOUR comment into my new comment because otherwise i'll forget what you asked me while im replying. hahaha sorry if thats kinda weird. :/ Feb 10
  • Whitman (Dear Elizabeth) said:
    Well hey Will! haha. my names dawn. but yeah messaging does get kinda boring after a while..haha. so whats up? Dawn. I like that name. :) Weeeelll... nothing much. Just been laying around at home like a loser, honestly. Three day weekends are weird. and i went to a terrible show. tribute to nineties grunge.... :( my friends dad was playing. Feb 10
  • Whitman (Dear Elizabeth) said:
    Hey!! My Names Will!! I play drums in Dear Elizabeth, but I decided to make a listener account on here because I like talking to people and messaging gets boring. :( So I'm just adding people and hoping to hear from some cool new people!!!!!!! Feb 09
  • RYNØ said:
    decent lol kinda sick right now which sucks Jan 25


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