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If an individual missed your retrospective particular which premiered prior to season ten and also included producers as well as cast looking back again on ten numerous many years of your show, then you can catch it here.

Of course, the actual very best purpose to purchase the DVD along with blu-ray sets are the Particular Features. several particular fan stories are featured, which includes a total family regarding fans.

The Supernatural Season 10 box set can be available for obtain nowadays in Amazon about DVDaltand Blu-rayalt.


Supernatural in Comic-Con 2014. you find in order to begin to determine the experiences with the guest stars that played the actual secondary school students, as well as tune throughout to stars Jensen as well as Jared talk about reaching this milestone episode.

Audio Commentary. This 25 minute in-depth take a glance at the particular musical 200th episode shows a behind-the-scenes take a glance at your set filming in the episode. As Well As whilst demon Dean didnt survive more then three episodes, the remainder of the summer season even now had Dean fighting the actual results of the actual Mark involving Cain, culminating inside a finale that saw the particular unleashing involving Your Darkness, a pre-biblical evil that the brothers and in addition dvd player critics the remainder of their particular allies must now fight. An hour-long documentary explores the world regarding Supernatural fandom, from your artwork towards the conventions towards the cohesiveness that unites your fans together. Producer/Director Phil Sgriccia, writer Robbie Thompson yet others talk by what it had been like to create along with stage the particular episode as if these were filming any play. the full-length panel coming from final many years Comic-Con.

. The Particular tenth season had had a range of standout episodes, which includes Reichenbach, Inquire Jeeves, Your Executioners Song, Inside Man and The Particular Werther Project, alongside with the introduction of Rowena, that became the terrific villain as the season progressed.

Supernatural Fans. Along With it seems theres absolutely no present end on the particular horizon since the display heads directly into its eleventh season this fall. the cast, producers and writers look again around the mythology with the Mark involving Cain in biblical background and around the show, discuss its impact on Dean and just how ithis journey with just about all the Mark best portable dvd players unfolded over the particular season.


The tenth season involving Supernatural would always be a milestone one, using the small genre present which was constantly around the bubble within its early many years finally reaching the decade around the air. A Really Particular Supernatural Special. Aside in the legendary Supernatural gag reel, the particular special Features pertaining to season 10 include:

Supernatural Theatre: Staging the 200th Episode. Commentary about three episodes, includingThe Hunter Games, Theres Room like Home, The Actual Executioners Song.

The Winchester Mythology: Battling the actual Mark as well as the Blade. The Actual tenth season opened with a demonic Dean Winchester, who had been attempting to stay away from a brother who had been decided to find along with cure him

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