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  • esmpk7 said:
    yeah, so we went to the museum of natural history and industry first and then over to Shedd\'s. We spent most of the day on the south side of town, which was disappointing cuz i lke the north side better, up by linkin park and the john hankok, and Moody and stuff. Well, i guess Moody really isnt the north side of town, but its the north side of downtown. But anyways, so then we went over to the west end of the Sears Tower and stuff and ate some deep dish (yummy...), and then we went to the Sears Tower Skydeck (my 4th time). haha. So, then we took the LOOOONNNNNG way around dtown to Lake Shore blvd. it was cool. I\'m guessin u prolly live somewhere on either the north or west sides. Most likely the west side, cuz there\'s a lot of large suburbs out that way.... You ever been to Naperville?? Apr 28
  • esmpk7 said:
    hey, im comin\' to visit u today. haha!! YAY CHICAGO! Apr 27
  • esmpk7 said:
    I like the sox better, but i like them both.:: 1. W Sox 2. R Sox 3. Tigs yeah, the w.sox blew it the other day though, but hey, Thames is amazing... what can i say. haha hometown spirit. Yeah, the no hitter was amazing. Some ppl are talkin\' a double no hitter, but idk when the game is on tonight so i guess i wont find that out for a while... Apr 23
  • esmpk7 said:
    you watchin\' this Chi Sox game.... tigers vs. white sox. tigs hit a HR btm 9th, 2 outs, carlos guillen on first, marcus thames nails it deep left center into the sox bullpen.... dang. Apr 22
  • esmpk7 said:
    yeah, i\'ve been done with driver\'s ed for about 2 months. I just lost my permit (along with my wallet) like, 2 weeks ago, so i had to go to sec. of state yesterday and get a new one. I havent had to pay for either of them which sort of suprized me. Shell\'s gonna be soooo mad when she sees my foto.... mwuhahahaha Apr 20
  • esmpk7 said:
    hey, what up, havent talked in a while?? Apr 20
  • said:
    Yeah, lol, I ask alot of stupid Q\'s... Our basement has never been painted, so its still that icky rock-board stuff with white sploches all over... my mom and dad have wanted to make it into a family room, but at the moment its a storage room where my friends hang out when they\'re bored. Its sad. I\'ve heard of Starfield before, they\'re pretty good. Its cool that the speakers put urgency in sharing the Gospel, its a very dangerous situation to be in when you don\'t know the Lord. Death doesn\'t play around, you can be perfectly fine and happy one day and the next you could be taking your last breath, telling our friends and fam about Jesus is so important, but sometimes we just forget about it because there seems to be no need to get into a deep conversation. Its such a tough situation to be a Christian and have non-christian friends, but I guess Jesus never said life would be easy,huh? So anyways, I spent this week just relaxing and taking a break, it was good to not have anything to do =) Tonight I\'m meeting some friends to go sk8ing to finish off my week, what do you have planned? Omg, Johnny Cash did a NIN cover? Does that bring any sense of irony to you? lol Much Luvs~Shell Apr 07
  • esmpk7 said:
    yeah, that\'s what shell said, im thinkin\' the dude from pillar... Apr 07
  • esmpk7 said:
    hey, do you know who the guy on crazy captions is or what band he\'s from?? Apr 07
  • said:
    Hey! Wow, concert sounds like it was awesome, now I reallllly wanna go. Yeah, I\'ve kinda given up on Mae, they really disappointed me with that NIN cover... They weren\'t the first in Christian rock to pull something like that, but I was promoting them and had a bunch of their gear and was really into them. I had this wicked shirt of theirs that said \"Mae, Destination: B-Sides\" and I used to wear it pretty much everyday, but I don\'t anymore. Now I just wear it to bed. Thats how dissapointed I was. Yeah, I\'ve heard of the Dare2Share confeences, how was it? Oh,oh, stupid question; why did you paint your basement (and what color???)lol I\'ve been doing great, I had Spring Break this week and so I\'ve just been relaxing and taking a break. Glad to hear from you again :) You\'ve had the same pic too long though, we need an updated version of your beautiful face... SAY CHEESE! =D Much Luvs~Shell Apr 06


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they say that good boys walk straight on white lines good boys keep their livers clean and smoke out of their lungs cause its all about what youve done good boys dont make mistakes to learn from cause when heaven comes they wont be caught being young grace make your way to the well to those who deserve it after all theyve earned it but vain, its in vain cause they dont need it theyre steady breathers who wont lift a finger for the gasping weaker you just hoard your hollow completion like its something wearing thin like its gonna get you in when heaven comes cause when heaven comes i swear it comes in love grace make your way to the well to those who deserve it after all theyve earned it but vain, its in vain cause they dont need it now i let go of your hand somewhere between love and what it demands of me grace make your way

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