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  • General: my rap

    my name is shiqueque, and i am a gold digger. while your dancing at the disco, ill be stealing your frisco. i hope you dont mind im gonna take all your money too, and i…

    Jul 11, 2006

  • General: remember

    *Remember*by faith: V1. Do you remember? Oh, how could you not? Its seems like only yesterday, but baby believe me, Ive been trying to forget when we met, Chorus: You w…

    Jul 06, 2006

  • General: alesanos song

    sweat drips in my eyes, screams of lust we cry, tonight you are everything, your everything to me.... *alesano* i fricking love that song!

    Jul 05, 2006

  • General: im a sucker for love stories

    girl:say im i bird...come on say it... boy:no. girl:say it.say im a bird! boy:fine, your a bird. girl:now say your a bird.. boy:if your a bird then im a bird. this is…

    Jul 05, 2006

  • General: aloe vera

    hello, today i discovered that aloe vera is my best friend. and i hate it. yes, i spent the day at the beach and i got sunburned! and i never get sunburned!! i usually…

    Jul 04, 2006



FAITHS MY NAME: THINGS I LIKE: you(fill in your name).i think....lol, ASTERIA, punk music, rock&roll,TACOBELL,crab ragoon,sour candy,trampolines,gum,boys,kissing,holding hands,cudling,big HUGS,my moped,going fast,crotchrockets(no ive never riden on one, i just like um GOSH...lol.)um...i like going stedy,rollercoasters,ceder point,my friends, sierra mist,strawberrys with chocalate on top!,lolly pops,clothes,shoes,icecream,traveling,people,being quiet,movies,the O.C,California,X/C running(go blazers!),people who dont lie about stupid shit,fun houses,people who like me(sometimes),cute guys,skateboarders and bmxers,artists and musicians,people who like me sing in the shower,shopping,daydreamers,daydreaming,the b.p gas station in Indianapolis(yeah thats right),cheese(but not just any cheese!colby jack,yum!),BACARDI,modeling,fashion,my eyes(no im not the kind of girl to comment herself all the damn time, i just like my eyes!), people who are just themselves and not stupid conformists(HINT:i hate conformists),well thats about it....oh and did i mention, MUSIC=LIFE?! THINGS I DONT LIKE: you, JUST KIDING, (i luv you), no really....i dont like people who act like they are 3 yrs old all the damn time,conformists, fat gurlz who where really tight shirts and let all there fat hang out(sorry if thats a lil harsh, but its true), i dont like WIGGERS(especially them), rap music(unless ur name is THE GRITS),people who lie about absolutly everything for no reason really,jerks,clowns,the easter bunny(cuz its just plain stupid, HE IS NOT REAL),people who believe in the easter bunny,frogs, spiders,ant,crawly creepy things,SMOKERS(no one likes to kiss an ashtray!),um overly hyper people, people who act dumb when they are actually really smart(for instance "dumb blondes"), people who put people down in front of the whole world and theyre friends, back stabbers,police(they dont do there job), loud people,smelly people, truckdrivers and did i say WIGGERS!?well thats about it....... IF YOU FIND ME INTERESTING: dont be afraid to leave me a comment, im truely a nice person,i dont bite(unless you try to hurt me) alt="myspace" />MySpace AvatarsMySpace AvatarsMySpace AvatarsMySpace AvatarsMySpace AvatarsMySpace Avatarsbr>MySpace Avatars

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