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Wolftron Pro

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Kent, WA

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Gomez Pro

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The Send

Alternative / Rock

Albany, OR

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Chase Morrison

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12 Stones

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New Orleans, LA

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  • Shawn K said:
    Hey, I noticed you're a fan of Tiesto! Should check us out, we're a rising group of DJ's from Chicago. http://purevolume.com/deadaudio Oct 03
  • Jackson said:
    hello:) I member group "At breakfast" I let you on the purevolume and listen to some of what we do! pop / punk / rock http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast thanks , good luck! Jun 12
  • Devin Reid said:
    Hey it is me, random guy named Devin that you have not spoken to in a long time, whats up? Apr 29
  • said:
    aww, thats cute ^_^ hahah i wish u guys the best of luck!. so im not seeing infected anymore, but ima see filo&perry and DJ irene =] im stoked! Jul 17
  • said:
    thanks dawg, how long have you been with yours? Jul 17
  • said:
    i sure do! of 2 1/2 years! =] Jul 16
  • said:
    awww, cheer up =] just think of it this way..itll make the next time you see him even more special cause you guys will have missed each other so much! Jul 15
  • said:
    he was having an art show at a japanese american museum in LA, and he was signing on the opening day =] have a good day so far? Jul 14
  • said:
    cool, cool! sounds very laid back and funn =] and no, i was in catalina and some guy was holding two snakes, and i asked him about them and he let me hold one. hahah this has been the best summer so far. i got to meet my idol, mike shinoda..in the other picture it was amazing! Jul 13
  • said:
    heyy fooL! im doing wonderful, how are you? actually my friend showed me this song the other day ive been obsessed with it since. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhnZ6gY76Jo check it out! whatve you been up to lately? p.s. i'm going to see infected mushroom next weekend! IM SO EXCITED! Jul 13


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  • General: I'M BACK!

    Hey, I don't know if anyone really looks at my page anymore but whatever I'll type something anyway. I havent been on purevolume in a VERY long time. I just forgot my…

    Dec 10, 2009

  • General: liebe ist

    du guckst mich an und ich geh mit und der ist ewig dieser augenblick da scheint die sonne da lacht das leben da geht mein herz auf ich will's dir geben ich will dich tr…

    Apr 14, 2007



without immersion in the innate and ethereal beauty of vulnerable people and nature unadulterated, this life is merely a portent approximating anarchy hopelessly irredeemable despite fragmented and tortuous glimpses of visceral titillation feigning spiteful and spurious happiness. but i refuse to let myself become reconciled to such an existence as this; i'm not going down without a fight. i wholeheartedly believe that actions reflect priorities. as long as you let me, i'll do my absolute best to be there for you. i don't play games, and i don't get along with people who do. manipulation is only for the insecure. i always say exactly what i mean in a direct, honest, simple, and straight-forward kind of way - though sometimes it takes me forever to figure out what i really mean to say, and then once i get that part figured out it might take me a while to get to the point cause then i dont know how exactly to go about saying it, and have to consider all the ramifications of possibly saying it in that context with that specific vocabulary... but eventually when i can spit it out, i'm honest :)

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