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AIM=gerardsluver83 my name is stacey i like guys(mostly emo and skater) hes gotta have a good personality lol my best features are. . . . well they're for me to know and you to find out! RANDOM SHIT NOW!!!!!! (lol) im in love with rainbows(but im not gay lol) im obssessed with my hair and makeup lol i love emo, indie,screamo,and other music i love Trix,Lucky Charms, and the cereal with the toys in them lol i shop at hot topic i skateboard (but i wont be for awhile cuz i messed up my right leg) i love Boohbahs and Carebears i have snakebites and a monroe i consider myself an outcast (cuz i HATE stereotypes) my favorite band is 30 Seconds To Mars Sonny Moore is the SEXXX i like to write poetry im pretty random TRIPPY is my own word so dont take it(or i'll send killer bunnies after you) i hate concieted people like preps and jocks i love you like a hippie loves his weed I love PV last year i ran over my brothers foot with a golf cart right now im in my care bear pajama pants im so hyper(i had 3 monsters and a sugar cookie) dont fuck with me or i'll send Harold the Dinosaur after you

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