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Location: United States


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My Chemical Romance Pro

Rock / Metal / Post Hardcore

Newark, NJ

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Electronic / Pop

Beverly Hills, CA

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Powerpop / Rock / Pop

Los Angeles, CA

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Marilyn Manson Pro

Other / Other

Plainville, CT

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((Palo)), Finland

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Comments (23)

  • antonio14 said:
    Hello! how are you? : ) where to buy prednisone without prescription buy testosterone patches online order soma online Apr 17
  • avalanche said:
    so\'s mine! i hate myy hair. Aug 26
  • lilianadotcom said:
    Hello. (: Aug 26
  • Amanda [Absturz] said:
    Helloooo! You seem to be a nice boy! ^^ What\'s up? Aug 26
  • Kim Katastrophy said:
    so hows life mikie?? :] Aug 25
  • zxz_exsandohs_zxz said:
    rofl. have fun at the movies =o i wonder what you saw o.O Aug 25
  • avalanche said:
    im okayy,, its really hot out and its making me tired hah. thanks! i like your hair and stuff. Aug 25
  • AutumnArtist星 said:
    you should share some more of your art work yo:]]] Aug 25
  • Kim Katastrophy said:
    grr i am so bored -.- you play bass? thats radd, im learning how to play guitar and drums Aug 24
  • inactive on this account said:
    well, i think you should just get to know eachother tons better and maybe it will grow into something more, but you have to allow it too... dotn try to stray away from it... as soon as you feel its the right time and the right thing to do, go for it... your hott so y would she or any gurl say no to you? thats a serious question too btw!! hehe... yeah, well, i like this one guy, have for 3 yeas and he goes for the slutty gurls that he can have one night stands with... and thats not me... all the guys i like are the same way and they are all friends... i like 4 guys that are all like really good friends and they always hang wit eachother... but there are like 3 other guys that i like, but they are on the internet and one is my best friend in the world... i would do anything for him and i love him dearly, but he is gay and has a boyfriend that im sure must be amazing cus he is uber amazing, but seriously hunnii, just go for it!!! Aug 24


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  • General: official best quote of the week.

    in english today. "i wanna play football, too!" "the only way that girls can play football is if they're in bikinis and mud." "WHATEVER IT TAKES. GO MUD!" ahh, savann…

    Aug 23, 2007



my name b mikie. i don't like lemurs. i don't really have much to say. i'm a really nice guy once you get to know me. i like doodling and playing bass. that's not all i play. i also play drums and sing, but i just like bass because it's easiest. i'm just lazy like that. flies always land on my head. i love being a smartass in class. zac efron has a huge mouth. see?

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