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You've got arrived at one of the most finish and present-day source of details about the WebQuest Product. Whether you happen to be an education and learning pupil new to The subject or a skilled Trainer educator trying to find products, you will discover a thing below to fulfill your preferences.

The end result, even so, of the determination was to produce a rivalry fully without having precedent involving the different cities of these two States.

skeppingskrag, skeppingsvermoë إبداعيّه، خَلْق، فَنِّيَّـه творческа способност criatividade Tv setůrčí schopnost die Schaffenskraft skaberevne δημιουργικότητα creatividad loovus ابتکار؛ خلاقیت luovuus esprit de création יְצִירָתִיוּת सृजनात्मकता kreativnost alkotókészség semangat kreatif sköpunargleði; hugvitssemi creatività 創造性 창의적임 kūrybiškumas radoša pieeja kekreatifan creativiteitskaperevne twórczy charakter ابتکار، خلاقیت criatividade creativitate творческий дар tvorivá sila ustvarjalnost kreativnost kreativitet การมีความคิดสร้างสรรค์ yaratıcılık 有創意 творчі здібності; творча діяльність قوت تخليق، قوت اختراع، تخليقى tính sáng tạo 创造性 creativitat

design and style - create the design for; build or execute in a creative or extremely qualified method; "Chanel created the famous suit"

one. the act of creating. the it full article development of the entire world. skepping, in die lewe roep, voortbring خَلْـق сътворение criação stvoření die Erschaffung skabelse δημιουργία creación loomine آفرینش luominen création יְצִירָה, בְּרִיאָה सृजन stvaranje teremtés penciptaan sköpun creazione 創造 창조 (su)kūrimas, kūryba radīšana; izraisīšana; iecelšana (dižciltīgo kārtā) penciptaan scheppingskapelsestworzenie ; twór مخلوق criação creaţie создание stvorenie stvarjenje stvaranje skapelse, skapande การสร้าง yaratma, var etme 創造 створення تخليق، پيدائش sự tạo ra 创造,创建 creació

choreograph - compose a sequence of dance ways, frequently to tunes; "Balanchine choreographed several parts to Stravinsky's music"

cause, do, make - give rise to; bring about site navigate to to happen or come about, not often deliberately; "trigger a commotion"; "come up with a stir"; "result in an accident"

reinvent - bring again into existence; "The prospect reinvented the principle of nationwide wellbeing treatment more why so that he would get elected"

→ يُبْدِعُ tvořit skabe schaffen δημιουργώ crear luoda créer stvoriti creare 創造する 창조하다 maken lage stworzyć criar создавать skapa สร้าง yaratmak tạo ra try 创造

act, transfer - perform an motion, or figure out or accomplish (an motion); "Believe before to here click you act"; "We have to transfer swiftly"; "The governor should really act on The brand new Vitality Monthly bill"; "The nanny acted speedily by grabbing the toddler and covering him having a wet towel"

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