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  • said:
    dude ur ganstarr!! thats cool... im about as gangster as big bird from sesame street.. lol... naruto is cool (i geuss)... and i do have a prob wif you being frank john coppa! ha just kidding even though he is a dude in like the mafia in NY..but anywayzz ttyl! :D Sep 09
  • TheDan64 said:
    Hey you should come to GZ, or atleast visit. Sep 02
  • that Canadian guy said:
    WHUD UP !!!!!!!!! howz it goin... Haku iz osm but i like Itachi alot beter!!!!!!! : ) Aug 04
  • jEsUsFrEaK245 said:
    acctually, frank, naruto pix are pretty gay! like...gandalf came to life in the lord of the rings...can any of your gay naruto friends do that? I DIDN\'T THINK SO! ohhhh!!!!! want some ice with that burn! lol i\'m a dork!! lol Jun 07
  • jEsUsFrEaK245 said:
    hey..wat\'s the demented thing in your pix? ohh i know...it\'s only those gay nauruto characters....lol Jun 05
  • jEsUsFrEaK245 said:
    haha you think your funny...guess what? YOUR NOT! Jun 05
  • said:
    no rock lee rules!!!!!!!!and yes he does. Jun 01
  • said:
    ..............rock lee is my favorite person from naruto............. May 30
  • said:
    nice pic\'s I LOVE NARUTO!!!!!!!!contact me?!?! May 14
  • TheDan64 said:
    You better come! Stinks you couldnt make it to The Awakening Conferance. Apr 21


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WAZZZZZZZZZZ UP MY PEEPS!!!!! Yea i'm FRANK JOHN COPPA and if u got a problem wit it tell me!!!!! (j/k) So anyways yea.... i like Naruto! Gaara rulez!!!!! and (this to kayla, lindsay, molly, and any other lord of the rings fans) Orochimaru could totally wipe the floor with Gandolf any day so haaaaaaaa! So yea I worship the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY AND TRUST ME, ITS WAY BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD! i feel bad for all you non-beleivers out there cause you dont konw wat ur missing!!!!! (seriously if you have any questions about God ask me, and then accept him as your lord and savior, amd then drop to the floor and worship him, WORSHIP HIM I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i go to good ol' MRA (i use the term good very loosely) (jk!!!) so cha..... i go bowling and do stuff and and and.... i like to say and....... i hang out wit my home dawgitie dawgs!!! ( yes, i know im very gangsta (not really)) the emo dude that is on my icon is this guy (yes , he is a boy) named Haku from Naruto who is totally awesome! I don't have alot of favorite bands, because im not sure how to find them!!!!! So cha....... peace out..... :)

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