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  • General: the breakfast club(fav movie)

    ".......and these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations they're quite aware of what they're going through...."…

    Feb 23, 2007



Hello there. You’re reading this possibly because you actually care about me or your bored [lol] . My name is Marie Denise Eleanor Solar. My birthday is April Fools Day, don’t forget it. Born and raised in south river, it’s an ok town at times. I enjoy the little things in life. If I didn’t have my friends I don’t honestly know what I would do. Music is my religion, I am eclectic but I mostly like electro-happy hardcore-pop. I’m very good at helping people when they need it the most, so let me know when you need it. I'm curently dating someone, and he's pretty flippen sweet. I am one to give and make other people happy, no matter what it takes. I’m not a big meat fan, but im not a full blown vegetarian. There is only one person who gets me fully and that is Stacey Lynn Muraszko. I’m very outgoing and optomistic most times. I love making new friends. My family, for the most part, is tolerable. I take life as it comes, and I try to take risks. For now that’s it. Thanks for reading :]

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