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*sigh* Maddison is.... locked in my closet... I'm kinda mad at her for ripping up my hand....ok I'm exaggerating, she scratched my hand while I was picking her up outside right after she attcked the dog...

stupid cat....

 the dog is sweet and playful and was just being friendly and trying to sniff maddison. so of course...being a cat.. she took a few swipes at Martha...(the dog)... and then after I 'resue' her from all this stupidness. lol.

she freaks out because Martha still wants to be nice and play with Maddy. So, me, being accident prone.... I get a nice cut on my hand.

ain't this just great.

Anyways, my hand is fine, the ant bites that I got all over my feet yesterday hurt worse than this. 

I'm just a little pissed about this... so all the nails on Maddison are going to go today.  (yay!!) hahaaa

Oh and if anybody was wondering the car wash at my church was wonderful!! we raised over 700$$ for bibles to be sent over to Cina!! :) but honestly I don't feel like washing another car for a few weeks.... my shoulders got one heck of a work out. lol.

I'm so bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uggh I'm going to take a nap. I feel insanly tired,and really mad...

Posted Sep 20, 2009 at 4:17pm



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