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  • Lukas "ignorance is your new best friend" said:
    sisteeeer :D god how are you doing ? so long we dont talk. whats up ? how have you been ? Jun 26
  • MythMan(InvisibleCombatant) said:
    Heyy!! :) I'm doing excellent! How are you? :) That pretty lady is my girlfriend. We've been dating for almost seven months now. :P lol. I guess we haven't talked in a long long time!! :P haha But her name is Michelle and she is just wonderful! :) What's been going on with you these past...oh say, months or so? Jun 17
  • Kailee Christine said:
    SISSY!!!! Omg, it has been SO long.... I hope you remember me!! If you do, get back to me soon, I miss you! Nov 06
  • Deadman_Living said:
    ah i love Jesus too! aaaand i played college baseball for 2 and a half years!! aaaand i saw Stellar Kart! nice! Oct 22
  • xplasticxmakesxperfectx said:
    Hey whats up!? so i know bands get annoying on here, but that would be sick if you checked out my band. Something You Whisper www.myspace.com/somethingyouwhisper tell ur friends, and add us on facebook:) Jan 17
  • Moi! said:
    hey :] Jan 11
  • look for the girl with the sun in her eyes ☼ said:
    thanks for the pic comment! xD hahahaha LOL Jan 09
  • look for the girl with the sun in her eyes ☼ said:
    np hahaha well tht sucks:// either way, i still want it :DDD Jan 09
  • Zebedee said:
    hi there!...how are ya sis?...add me on facebook ok?...art gayumali...thanks and God Bless... Dec 06
  • Kailee Christine said:
    ...Sorry I haven't replied in a while....:( How are you? Dec 04


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    Aug 22, 2009



Hey everybody, I'm a teenage girl who just wants to live her life for God and serve Him with her life. I'm not really 9 that's just my spiritual birthday. I'm a pretty insane girl, love to run just for the heck of it and hang out with all my friends. My favorite place would have to be the country. I would love to live out there and enjoy the open space with no noise and no people. =P Oh and did I mention that I have a thing for fire?? I find it fascinating!! My favorite sport as of yesterday (Sep 6,09) is baseball. I watched a baseball game (GO ASTROS!!!) and a baseball movie... I'm hyped on baseball. lol. Track and basketball are my main sports though. It's what I'm good at...even though baseball is looking better these days...haha. I have also got this odd thing for nursing, I am seriouly thinking that that is what God has planed for me. I just love taking care of people and I think it would also be a great opportunity to witness to those who might be living their last day. so yeah, there is a bunch of random stuff about me that happened to pass through my mind as I was typing =) One more thing, If you don't know Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior please talk to me or someone else who knows Him. Have a blessed day!! ;) My awesomely cool songs "Letters" - Stellar Kart "Brave" - Nicole Nordeman "Symmetry" - Falling up "broken heart" -falling up "hotel aquarium" -Falling up "Maps" (!!!) - Falling up "Collide" - Krystal Meyers "Up To You" - Krystal Meyers

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