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Five Times August

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Austin, TX

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Dead Hearts Pro

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Break Out The Shotguns

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Nickelback (Official)

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  • Swamp of Blood said:
    listen www.purevolume.com/sextorm :P Dec 23
  • x KrazyDube4Life x*~Fairy Tale Love~* said:
    Sup u how u been? omg my life just took off so fast n n i havent had a chance 2 get on dis website but i made it! wtf been up hows life over there? Dec 19
  • You Are Luv'd said:
    hey Shannon, its been a long time, how are you doing? Oct 29
  • i AM the "In Crowd" said:
    het matt Oct 09
  • Rock´nRollBoy182 said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "Biggest Lie" http://www.purevolume.com/biggestlie :) add Biggest Lie..ok?! bye and keep rockkk Aug 07
  • Sweet Cake said:
    Hey guyz check this HardCore/Alternative group from Brazil http://www.purevolume.com/BiggestLie :)Escute Biggest Lie - HardCore/Alternativo http://www.myspace.com/biggestlierockers :)thankssssssss Jul 10
  • Jackson said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "At Breakfast http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast what up? Jun 01
  • Waves said:
    Yo what's up! My name is Joe! I sing in a band called Camisado. You should check out my band at www.myspace.com/camisadorock or www.purevolume.com/camisadorock -Joe Apr 29
  • lefttobleed said:
    lol well im going to add a new pic let me know what you think. lol its another bored moment :) Apr 08
  • lefttobleed said:
    lol yeah after I sent the comment I went to look at the picture you left it on lol well go for it I dont mind lol. Thats what happens when I get bored. I style it weird ways lol Apr 08


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  • General: tears dont fall

    Lets go! With blood shot eyes I watch you sleeping The warmth I feel beside me is slowly fading Would she hear me if I calls her name? Would she hold me if she kn…

    Jan 21, 2009

  • General: knife called lust

    Shady Jeff: Let’s go right now! J-dog: I look alive, I'm dead inside. My heart has holes And black blood flows. We'll do some drugs, We’ll fall in lov…

    Jan 21, 2009

  • General: Bisexuals

    wat is it? is it a real meaning?? just because it in the dictionary does it mean its real??? i you think so add a tick in the petion for being bi

    Jan 21, 2009

  • General: jammy

    sometimes i dont understand how i feel. some of my friends are there for me. fran is the best ever due to her ALWAYS here for me. love you sooo muchlly babi

    Oct 10, 2008

  • General: this is what i am so wat

    Emo You are all about yourself. You're a lover and when things don't go your way you become depressed. Chances are you're a very nice and likeable person but most peopl…

    Oct 10, 2008



so a little bout me im nothing special. i dnt have parents they left lyk 12 yrs ago i have the shitest life ever :P i speak to my mum sometimes. hardly ever tho. i live in lyme regis which is in england shannon( middle names are anita and skie) age> 16 im a bisexual im a veggie :) i think killing animals is sooo crue :( some people thinks being bi is a disease but it reli isnt favourite football team is liverpool till i die which will hopefully be soon i think Fernando Torres is the best player since Peter Crouch left us for Portsmouth my birthday is june 11th 1992 i luv heavy metal, rock,screamo, emo music im my own person nobody likes emos but i dont care if they have a problem then they can fuck off i dnt lyk bein messed about if ne 1 wants to randomly add me then go for it xxx if u want to ne tin else the just ask XD i did have best friends but they stabbed me behind my back boys r so nt worth goin for lol they jus break ur heart i luv guys hu r sensitve nd hu actually cares about a grl nd doesn't jus use her as object xx i have jus recently lost the most best thing that has ever happened to me because my so- called best friend stole it. i hate people hu cheat boys hu r assholes( no offence to the guy out there hu actually give a shit bf stealers nd life people hu dis bisexuals there is a guy hu is reli cute nd hes the bestest friend ever yh im mentioning yhu matt ur the best i love yhu i have an amazing best friend. she is called fran wilkes. her name on her site is disenchantment. please add her if you find her. she is always here for me. even when i have really bad problems she is always there to help loves yhu xx special people stay special but other are haters

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