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Today, no-one can deny the value of backlinks in Search Engine Optimization, particularly in Google Optimization. In this article, you'll find some answers for the goal of 50 backlinks with PageRank higher than 2 for new sites. I'm fully sure the pagerank of your site is going to be enhanced to at-least 3 within the next upgrade of Google, when this goal is aged. You can find two main solutions with this goal: - Finding links on our own, perhaps not spending money. - Buying text links (backlinks). 1. Finding links on our very own, perhaps not spending money *Methods in this solution include: - Find related, quality websites and request for link exchanges. Identify further on this affiliated article by browsing to linklicious.me. - Submit to quality websites. - Submit testimonials on internet sites where you have bought any products or services. - Write articles or threads to send to press, sites, other sites and boards. *Pros within this solution: - No money. - Robust, stationary links. - Accepted by search engines. *Cons in this solution: - More hours and efforts. - Two-way links (reciprocal links). My friend learned about linklicious.me tutorial by searching newspapers. - Difficult to determine the time to achieve goal. *References for this solution: - Link Exchange programs: linkalizer.com, linkmarket.net, freelinkcentral.com - Automatic link exchange programs: belinked.info, onewaytextlinks.com, build-reciprocal-links.com, linkdash.com - Quality Directories: businesspages.org, a2z-free.com, alphabiz.org - Article Directories: goarticles.com, articlealley.com, article99.com, ezinearticles.com *Tips: - You will find more websites for link exchange from understanding your competitors ' link popularity. Clicking linklicious discount likely provides aids you can tell your friend. Use search engines to do this check always, the keyword most of the time is: link:your_competitor_url. - When visiting some sites, look closely at Directory type. You could find the others directories there. As an example, in Directory category of businesspages.org, you'll find another good Australian sites. *Estimated time: 2 months 2. Buying text links *Methods within this answer include: - Buy text links (backlinks) right from sites (in the event they do not recognize link trades) - Buy text links from text link agents. - Buy text links from link auction sites. - Pay cost to be contained in major, quality websites (Yahoo, Overture, LookSmart...) *Pros in this solution: - Less time and efforts to have links. - One-way links (a lot better than reciprocal links) *Cons within this solution - Money. We ought to pay charge every month (or year) for many links. - Buying text links (many in-the same time) from text link agents isn't encouraged by search engines. They are able to penalize us. - Some links are volatile (not permanent). *References for this solution: - Advertising on sites: iwebtool.com/pagerank_checker (PR5 - $10.00 per month) - Text url brokers: textlinkbrokers.com (5 Permanent Links PR0 PR4: $175 /month), textlinkpopularity.com (10 Links from PR 3 Pages: $150 - Pay only once for permanent links - no continuing charges) - Link market sites: linkadage.com - Big, quality directories: Yahoo! Directory (1 link - $299/year - your website will be analyzed first) *Tips: - When buying links from brokers, be sure you are able to examine the pages by which your link will be involved. We discovered http://linklicious.me/ talk by browsing newspapers. Aside from the PageRank, there are other factors to consider such as: appropriate links within this page, how many links because page, whether your link is static,... *Estimated time: 1 week (some websites need more hours to examine our request) 3. Conclusion: It seems that the aim of 50 backlinks with PageRank higher than 2 for new websites is not a straightforward one. Increasing link popularity is a long, patient but compulsory process. It's up to you to determine which answer is better or the mix of these two people..

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